What’s One More Year? by Sharon O’Donnell

My middle son, and his fiance, have been dating since they were in 10th grade — it’ll be eleven years in November. Yep. 11 years. They went through high school together where they both played on the basketball and baseball/softball teams, and I still think it’s cute when they go outside to throw the baseball around.  They got engaged in December of 2018 and planned the wedding for October of 2020; he was busy getting his CPA certification, and she was in the middle of a five-year pharmacology PhD program at UVA, and she would also be working in a lab in Germany for the fall of 2019. Thus, waiting until October of 2020 made sense. We were sooo looking forward to the big day in Charlottesville.

But alas, Covid 19 came into the picture, and in July, my son and his fiance made the difficult decision to postpone the wedding rather than their wedding party and guests taking a risk with their health.  So now it’s October of 2021. Totally agree with the decision but still it’s disappointing. On the bright side, at least I’ll have another year to lose some weight before the big day!  I guess when they’ve been together for 11 years, what’s one more year anyway?  Til then, we have these beautiful engagement photos to look at.

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