When Tech Goes Airy-Fairy by Pamela Francis

I am in the middle of learning a totally new skill to add to my cadre of success secrets for my businesses.  I am going to refrain from telling you the exact skill I am being taught (for now) because I haven’t run the metrics on strategic placement of a dreamTM  (that one’s mine) with this particular crowd yet.  But when I do… you’ll be the first to be informed.  What I will tell you is that this learning experience is very different from any I’ve had before in a number of ways.

Way #1: everyone teaching me is way younger than me.  (or “than I”, if you still care about such things, which they don’t)

I think I’m going to coin a new title to describe my mentors: baby gurus.  Wait, let me trademark that one, too.  baby GurusTM.  That font should be comic sans.  Did it translate…?  I don’t know.  I’ll see if it did in the preview.

It almost seems insulting to use comic sans as a font to trademark my baby gurus, but I have a tremendous fondness for that font (I’m a mom, an elementary school teacher, and the owner of a crafting studio, duh…), and my instructors are young enough to be my kids.  They are adorable and bursting with energy that I can only hope is not completely fueled by cocaine and Red Bull.  I try not to go to bed listening to their podcasts and webinars because it has the tendency to turn my dreams into scatterplots of adventure and anxiety mixed.  But my baby GurusTM keep me in the game and I love them.

Way #2: this is the most profound way my learning experience is completely different from any I’ve previously had.  My instructors – who are unequivocally from the world of extreme tech – have started the training with Establishing BELIEF.  Not a tutorial on Excel… not a crash course in coding… BELIEF.  Why are baby GurusTM of the tech world having me spend the 1st 7 days just building BELIEF?  I have never!  Quite the airy-fairy approach, wouldn’t ya say…?  Coincidentally, the only thing I’m more fond of than comic sans as a font, is Airy-Fairy as a modality.  You had me at BELIEF, baby gurus.

The result…? At the end of the 5th day, my revenue had increased by 60% and I hadn’t even DONE anything.  Except believe.  That a 53-yr old mom, could learn a new trick, to increase revenue in her businesses, that could “radically change her life”.

Here’s to the next 23 days… with my babies.

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