Where Have All the Role Models Gone? by Stacey Honowitz

Where have all the role models gone? Who  in today’s society is available to offer good advice to our young girls? Who can we say sets a good example of hard work, intelligence and determination? I hope my daughter says that she wants to be like me, but who else is out there for her to aspire to be like?. If you turn on television now, and you saw what was doing as far as role models are concerned, you should know that we live in a society that rewards all the wrong people.

It seems that in order to succeed in today’s society you need to be a reality star, super rich, have super rich parents, or a serious drug or alcohol problem. I know there are those out there that work super hard, do not have backgrounds full of cash and have made it on their own without the help of connections. The problem is, the only thing that our kids see on television is a house filled  with strangers, who all  go out and drink, then come home and have sex while the cameras role, or those who go on fabulous trips paid for by the networks to see what trouble they can stir up for entertainment purposes.

Am I the only one that is in disbelief that big name so called news shows spend time talking to a “Snookie?” What could she possibly be telling them that is of importance or that the general public would even care about. How much more could they insult the intelligence of people? Do they not realize that she brings nothing to the table other than teaching kids that the behavior she has exhibited will turn them in millionaires. That’s right, she probably is the smartest of them all because she is laughing all the way to the bank.  Who is allowing this? Why do people not stand up and say that she is not a good role model and you are feeding into the frenzy. I sometimes wonder what producers are thinking when they book her, and I wonder how many producers who have little girls bring them to the studio that day to introduce her to their kids. What could they possibly say to their own child, “honey take some advice from this girl who has learned that making an ass out of herself can land you your own show ? Now that Snookie is pregnant these shows are giving gifts, making her showers and treating her like she a queen. She is the queen of pulling the wool over everyone’s eyes.

Why do we not see cancer researchers, paramedics, lawyers, emergency room physicians or teachers recognized on television. Why aren’t there reality shows following any of them in their daily lives? Why don’t we see the contributions that they make to society?. Why don’t we hear about how they make people’s lives better? You know why? We don’t we see them because they are intelligent, self made, and genuine. They didn’t drink, date, punch, or curse their way into success. They give back, they save lives, they teach and they remain humble. They don’t appear on talk shows, they don’t show off their new houses, they don’t insist on bigger contracts, they are proud of what they have become. They are role models. They are the ones I would like my daughter to look up to, they are the ones that have real stories, can teach meaningful lessons, and can lead the way for others. Where have they gone? I hope my daughter can find some to emulate. I am proud when she says she wants to be like me. I am thrilled when someone calls or writes me to say I am a good role model. I wish the world would put an end to this nonsense. More kids today would do anything to be on a reality show, and why not? They see that the world is their oyster if they participate. I say we take a stand and beg to see people that make a real contribution to society. It would make our world a lot better. I wish I could start a show called “role models, here’s the people you should look up to” but it would not go over big. People would say “too boring.” I myself would rather follow that.

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  1. 3 Responses to “Where Have All the Role Models Gone? by Stacey Honowitz”

  2. I enjoyed your post. As a grandmother of 4 grandchildren in which 3 of them are girls I can relate with your thoughts on role models. Seems like everyone is living for fame and not caring about how their life may influence the life of another young adult. I miss the older days when there were TV shows that had good lessons in teaching our children the meaning of working hard, strong determination to succeed and an open heart to help others?

    By Debbie M on Jul 22, 2012

  3. I couldn’t agree more, Stacey. I often find myself hoping that the trashy personas of Snooki and the masses of Paris Hilton lookalikes are just facades designed to generate interest, and therefore, cash flow. Sadly, I fear I’m too optimistic.

    By Heather Bowles on Jul 24, 2012

  4. I’m even disgusted with the dolls they have out for girls! Have you seen the Bratzillas? These dolls look like a bunch of hookers! Even my son asked why girls would want to play with them!

    By the way, to help our son go to sleep sometimes, we put on CSPAN to bore him to sleep. But don’t you know, the next day we have political discussions! Yes, I know kids shouldn’t have TVs in their rooms, but that is a whole 2 blogs worth to tell!

    By Cara Potapshyn Meyers on Jul 25, 2012