Wisdom Comes From Unlikely Sources by; Lori J Loesch

The last few weeks have been hell on wheels.  I’ve been searching for answers, and I feel I’m approaching some deep, meaningful, ones.  I am so amazed at where the knowledge comes from.  I just hope I can relay them in words.  It’s more of a feeling that I have.  

I have been looking for a bright side, in the darkness, and it’s amazing how the insightful answers come to me, in all forms of media, at all times of the day or night, it has to be an act of God!  There is no such thing as coincidence.  Sometimes wisdom comes from the most unlikely sources.  And here are a few:

My daughter needs shorts, like three days ago!  I took her to the dollar store, to pick up a few pairs, for now.  Her last years shorts are tight, and she never complains, but mama knows, she’ll feel better in shorts that fit, and she doesn’t care that the shorts are from the dollar store.  I’m feeling good that the two of us are going to the dollar store, she has always loved going, and then we’ll go off to get a few groceries.  This is not our normal, nightly activity, but I’m happy about it.  The lady checking me out says, “Enjoy the rest of your evening!”  And I thought, to myself, yes, yes, we are going to enjoy our evening.  We’re going for groceries, and it is a good night.  Positive.  It wasn’t until the next day that I started thinking about what the sales lady said to me, and how she may have been feeling…I don’t want this to sound harsh, because it is the truth, my truth, and it did something to me, that I hope I will never forget, how it felt to me inside, when I thought:  She may have been sexually, mentally, physically, abused, like me, I’m not the only one.  She had cancer.  She probably wishes she could spend just under a hundred dollars for supplies…..I started to think…..I am pretty….I’m relatively, healthy… I have a husband that supports me financially, and in all other ways, we have problems to work through, and my husband and I are… I have two healthy, children….POSITIVE Feedback!  I was looking on the bright side!  

I have been downtrodden with the negative, like eight years of it, I know, I must be strong to not have cracked under that pressure!  And this leads me into the next place, a piece of God’s Wisdom, has come to the physical world, in an unlikely fashion:  My husband, just a few days ago, was buying a flower basket at the local flower shop, started a conversation with a lady, who was also looking at flowers.  The conversation started with her saying the basket of flowers he had picked were gorgeous, (and they are!) and David said that they are for my wife, in which her response was, she must be very special…you get the just of that, but what happened next, really shocked my husband…she works at the Woman’s Resource Center, and they got to talking about how tough kids, that are sexually molested as a child, young adult, have it.  That it won’t END when the abuser is incarcerated, that the damage goes on, long into adult hood,  and she said that he must be a very strong, loving husband, because not many marriages survive, such challenges.  Yes.  I remember Googling that a few years back, and thinking that David and I are going to be the exception, we are going to make it work.  A lesser man, would not have been able to deal with the challenges I brought to this marriage.  She also spoke to him about how difficult it may get, since I have a daughter.  She hit it right on.  I think he and I are both stunned by this woman, out of the blue.  The fact that he was at the flower shop, was out of the blue!  None of this never happens! And I just love when it does!  

A third and final bit of wisdom, came from a tree in our yard, next to the house;

I was walking Max, my big German Shepherd dog, and I noticed a tree, next to the house, that had been struck by lightning.  It was blooming!  What perseverance!  The bark hangs out from the tree, it is black, like it caught fire.  A lesser tree would have cracked at the pressure of being struck by lightning.  Again, this morning Max and I were walking and I noticed yet another tree, that had been knocked down by a massive Oak, that got struck by lightning. This younger tree, it looked like a cherry tree, was full of white flowers!  It’s sideways, but still doing what a tree does, grows, it blooms, it continues upwards towards the sun!  I can learn a lot from a tree.  

I feel a little like a tree, I grow up, I get struck by lightning, I get a little sideways, I continue growing towards the light, I will probably get a few more strikes, but just like the tree, I will keep going, growing, checking myself, and trying to make a stable life for my family. 

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  2. Lori , you are a very good orator and speaker, keep it up mom. I LOVE YOU EVEN THOUGH you have been very mean to me, like never before why?love y o u ! !

    By Lori Loesch on May 10, 2015