Zoe Richmond

ZOE-WEB-MHLZoe Richmond lives in a house full of boys – her husband, two boys and a boxer.  She recently took a detour from her corporate career to be a stay at home mom.  She spends her days chasing after her two-year-old and keeping her 1 year-old from taking superman-style leaps from furniture.  Zoe is a volunteer at Arizona Town Hall, where she serves as a member of the executive board.  And once her children are in bed, she turns to freelance writing.

She bid adieu to the role of Public Affairs Director at Union Pacific.   Zoe started with the company managing their media out of Sacramento. She used to call a $500 million rail infrastructure project her “baby” since she had been working on the project from inception to grand opening.  Then she had a real baby.

She is an experienced and devoted crisis manager.  So much so, she managed a train derailment while 7 months pregnant with her first son.  With her second son, she was 8 months pregnant working a derailment site.

Her first corporate position was at State Farm’s corporate headquarters, where she was one of the first Spanish-language spokespersons.  During her time in Bloomington Illinois, she got her Masters in English from Illinois State University.

Zoe got her bachelors degree from Northern Arizona University in journalism shortly after turning 19.  Born and raised in Yuma Arizona, she now lives in Chandler, a “fashionable” Phoenix suburb.   You can follow her blog at zoerichmond.com