A Good Book by Conlee Ricketts

PIE by Sarah Weeks

PIE by Sarah Weeks

Last year my daughter read PIE by Sarah Weeks. She brought it home on Library Day and read it cover to cover. She tried to explain the story and how great it was and why she liked it, and I tried to follow what she was telling me but I just didn’t get it.

Fast forward one year.

“Mom, we need to read PIE again. I forget parts of it.”

“I never read it.”

“OH! You have to! We can read it together and I can listen this time. You’ll love it.”

One trip to the library later, a chapter a night before bed, a wonderful snow day, and I’m in love with this story.

I’m sure my daughter’s reasons for loving the book and my reasons for loving the book are about as different as they can be, but we had a wonderful time sharing this story together.

readingI loved it because it was a wonderful story about a daughter’s relationship with her Aunt, her mother, and herself. It shined a beautiful light on accepting yourself, loving yourself, and not hiding from your own gifts no matter how insignificant you may feel they are. These are important messages I want my daughter to receive and they were delivered in such an entertaining way.

By the time we reached the Epilogue I was reading through tear filled eyes and my daughter and I were laughing at how sappy and emotional I am. She grabs my phone to capture the moment on “film” and with video (which I won’t share here, but I’m keeping it on my phone as a funny reminder of our day).

She doesn’t like the Epilogue and I did. It made sense to me. We are both in different places looking at life through vastly different lenses, but the end moved me deeply. Perhaps I too need to receive the messages of self love and acceptance just as much as I hope my daughter has.

Thank you Mother Nature for a wonderful snow day.

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