Halloween Treats for the Kid in All of Us by Robin Gorman Newman

Having been in business for over 80 years, Economy Candy is New York’s oldest retail candy store and a family owned business.

My son, now 17, and I, used to do regular staycations in NYC (we live on Long Island), and during one of those trips, we visited the iconic shop at 108 Rivington Street on the Lower East Side.  It is a sweet feast for the eyes with a cool retro vibe, and there is something for everyone, including amusing novelty items, candy collectibles that make for unique gifts, dried fruits ‘n nuts, specialty chocolates, sugar free offerings….and candy for various occasions including weddings and baby showers.

They are presently gearing up for Halloween and have created a number of super fun Halloween CandyCare Packs™  currently available on their website to ship nationwide.

When they reached out to me, I couldn’t resist taking them up on their offer to gift my family Halloween goodies and more, and I wanted to share about their binge worthy array of offerings. My son’s jaw dropped when I surprised him with the Halloween CandyCare Pack, and I warned he needs to ration his daily intake, which no doubt will be easier said than done.

For $35+ you can send your Ghoul or Goblin a Halloween CandyCare Pack™ which includes a Halloween themed Trick or Treat Bag filled with Halloween favorites from traditional Pick ‘N’ Mix Halloween Candy and Full Size Candy Bars to Toys and Games.

They have also introduced a Kosher Halloween CandyCare Pack™ and an Allergy Friendly Halloween CandyCare Pack™ so that even those with dietary restrictions can still have a memorable Halloween.

For those who live in apartment buildings or in neighborhoods that are allowing trick or treating and plan to participate, they offer the Trick or Treat Bowl CandyCare Pack™  and the Variety Party Pack CandyCare Pack™ . The Trick or Treat Bowl includes 100 handfuls of traditional trick or treat candy while the Variety Party Pack includes traditional trick or treat candy plus an assortment of favorites like Wax Fangs, Sour Spray, Zotz and Ooze Tubes.

They also have a line of pre-made Halloween Goodie Bags, Trick or Treat Pails and Trick or Treat Bags. Their pre-made options are perfect for those having Halloween parties within their classrooms or their pods and want to offer a safe, festive Halloween experience.

Skye and Mitch, the third generation owners and operators, shared, “When we first launched our CandyCare Pack™ line in March 2020, we were overwhelmed by the “pay it forward” nature of orders that came in. We started recognizing names as we printed out shipping labels and thought something had gone wrong. We realized we were recognizing names because people who had received CandyCare Packs™ were also sending them to friends and family, neighbors, etc. It’s been incredibly touching and heartwarming to see communities support each other while supporting us. We hope our Halloween CandyCare Packs™ will help continue this inspiring tradition of spreading cheer and joy, especially during the holiday season when kids and communities need it most!”

I, personally, hope that Economy Candy stays around for many more years to come, and I hope to one day make a return visit with my son again.


Note: While we were gifted a Halloween CandyCare Pack, etc., our opinions are our own.

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