I Create My Own Future: How to beat economic recessions and depressions at their own game by pamela francis

I am in the final stages of a book I’ve been writing for quite some time now called “Pot to Piss In: How my upbringing ensured I’d be poor” by Pamela Francis, and in it, I make mention of how superstition is a large part of how people of color, in particular, “manage” their financial lives. Scratch once if (a) you carried a rabbit’s foot around as a keychain during the 80’s, and (b) you know what “itchy palms” is supposed to mean.
Yeah. That’s what I thought. But in any case, at the risk of sounding like a hypocrite, I want to say that I still, to this day, believe in and employ the magik arts in the area of my finances, and I am a firm believer in a well-written affirmation to combat the sometimes rocky, uphill road to wealth and solvency.


I was the one who noticed back during the 2008 recession that not everyone was “broke and had no money” so there had to be something going on here. With just that little bit of encouragement that things didn’t have to be how everyone was saying it was, I struck out on a financial odyssey that saw me doing at least three (3) of the things no self-proclaimed brainiac would do during an economic downturn.
1. I quit my well-paying, stable job as an educator at a private school in the South.
2. I gave up my rent-controlled, ridiculously affordable, duplex apartment in a safe, clean, centrally located area.
3. I sold all of my possessions and turned them into plane tickets.
4. I rented an apartment in one of the most high-rent areas Los Angeles, California has to offer, and I did it sight unseen, having met the owner online on like, Craigslist, or something.
I’m talking wired her my funds, arranged a rental car that would bring me to her location upon my arrival at LAX, and told myself, “self…? you WILL have a plan of action in place for what you will do after the 30-day lease on this Wilshire Blvd apartment runs out.”

Yes. My ass was living in Brentwood, on a whim, with my 7-yr old son (whom I immediately began to homeschool), and the father of my as yet unborn-didn’t-even-know-he-was-in-the-making 2nd son.


Oh, yeah, lest I forget…, during that same time,
5. I made a baby. At 43.

So, yeah, ol’ brainiac over here kicked economic recession and depression warnings to the curb and dared them to stop her from living the life of her dreams, and you can read about how that all turned out just by following some of my blogposts on here. Very up and down. Very adventurous. Sometimes ill-advised. And really, the stuff of SMH stories.
What is my point? Nothing really, just that, hey! It’s Libra season and in honor of my favorite metaphysical Libra archetype matriarch, whom I privately refer to as “my real mom”: the late, great, Louise Hay (October 8, 1926 – August 30, 2017) of Hay House Radio and Hay House Publishing fame, I present the manifestation affirmation that started it all… “I Create My Own Future”.
Here it goes:
I create my own future.
I create my own future.
Every thought I think is creating my future.
I choose the thoughts that create my future.
-Louise Hay

Now, go forth and prosper, baby.

(pictured: manifestation and meditation fountain from Michael’s; the absolutely golden “Ask And It Is Given” by Esther Hicks as Abraham; birthday mustang; Josiah; my real mom: Louise Hay (LOL); in the Bahamas with my 2 sons; on horseback with my 2 sons in the Hollywood Hills)

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