As featured on “Late Night with Conan O’Brien” and NPR’s “All Things Considered,” THE INTERGALACTIC NEMESIS BOOK ONE: “TARGET EARTH” takes to the stage in a new genre: a sci-fi live-action, graphic novel. With a unique combination of comic book meets radio serial, mediums converge as three actors, a Foley artist and musician perform all the voices, sound effects and music for more than 1,000 hand-drawn, full-color-and-larger-than-life comic book panels projected on to a screen. The out-of-this-world adventure of THE INTERGALACTIC NEMESIS BOOK ONE: “TARGET EARTH” is running at The New Victory Theater, 209 West 42nd Street in NYC through April 13.

As if transfixed by a spell from Mysterion the Magnificent, travel to another time and place: the year is 1933. The inquisitive, Pulitzer-winning reporter Molly Sloan, her courageous and comic assistant Timmy Mendez and a librarian named Ben team up to travel universe-wide, uncover secrets, conquer villains and battle romance all the way to Robot Planet, where they must take on the evil (and sludgy) Zygonians that are threatening the very future of human race.

THE INTERGALACTIC NEMESIS BOOK ONE: “TARGET EARTH” is written, produced and directed by Jason Neulander and features Danu Uribe, David Higgins and Christopher Lee Gibson voicing all 24 characters. They are accompanied by Cami Alys, Foley Artist and Kenneth Redding, Jr., Keyboardist. The creative team consists of Comic-Book Art by Tim Doyle, Sound Effect Design by Buzz Moran and Original Score by Graham Reynolds. Agustin Frederic serves as Technical Director and Sound Engineer, and Jessie Douglas is Company Manager. The Intergalactic Nemesis is adapted from the stage play by Jason Neulander and Chad Nichols and from the radio drama by Ray Patrick Colgan, Jessica Reisman, Julia Edwards and Lisa D’Amour. The radio drama is based on an original concept by Ray Patrick Colgan.

The cast is hugely talented, and their performance are captivating.  My son was in awe, and I was intrigued.  The story was a bit hard to follow at times with all the plot twists ‘n turns…but the show is unlike anything I have ever seen (in a good way)!  

The show has a running time of 2 hours (a bit on the long side), including one intermission, and is recommended for everyone ages seven and older.

To watch a short video clip of THE INTERGALACTIC NEMESIS,click on this link:*TXT Marks the Spot

After select Friday performances of THE INTERGALACTIC NEMESIS, The NEW VICTORY invites ticketholders to participate in TXT Marks the Spot, which combines digital gaming, scavenger hunting and the performing arts into a unique post-show experience for families to enjoy together. Equipped with a map and personal mobile device, each family will interact with NEW VICTORY Teaching Artists as they roam from lower lobby to mezzanine, learning more about the theater and the performance they’ve just seen. For THE INTERGALACTIC NEMESIS, TXT Marks the Spot will take place on April 5 and April 12.

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As all good stories have a simple beginning, THE INTERGALACTIC NEMESIS made its debut when the radio play premiered in 1996 at the Little City Coffeehouse in Austin, Texas, aided by sound Foley created with kitchen items. The audience was so intrigued they kept coming back for more. In 2000, the first full-stage version of THE INTERGALACTIC NEMESIS was performed to a packed audience of devoted earthlings. After teaming up with an artist to develop a comic-book version of the story in January 2009, the full live-action graphic novel show combining sound and larger-than-life color visuals was born. BOOK TWO: “ROBOT PLANET RISING” made its world premiere in 2012 and Neulander recently announced BOOK THREE: “TWIN INFINITY” for a 2014 debut in stage production, graphic novel and CD formats. THE INTERGALACTIC NEMESIS Books One and Two are available in audio-version on CD, and the bound graphic novels are available online.


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