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Bring on the Chocolate….Dark Please!

July 18, 2007

I am psyched…I think.

We are going away this weekend to Hershey, Pennsylvania with another family who has a son Seth’s age. They are good friends, as we are with the parents, so I’m generally looking forward.

What’s not to like? Chocolate is my weakness.

My concern is that it might be exhausting.

I spoke with my friend yesterday who has gone there before. I asked how long a drive it is from NY? She said….”Well….it should take around 3.5 hours…but with traffic, it could be 5.” Yikes! I hate gridlock….and this will be the longest car trip we have taken with Seth.

A woman at my gym went to Hershey recently and said that she needed a vaction once she got home. No doubt it will be good exercise walking all over the park, and I’m sure Seth will adore it. But, I’m not a big fan of crowds and waiting on long lines, especially in the heat.

It is daunting how many theme parks there are for kids….especially those with water. And, as a parent, you feel compelled to visit as many as possible. At least I do. I mentioned to one of my single girlfriends that we … Continue reading..

The Crapshoot That is Motherhood

July 9, 2007

I never thought about the leap of faith…or crapshoot…that motherhood truly is.

This weekend we went to visit friends who have two young children. One is biological, and the other adopted. They are 40 something parents, and the mom has put aside her career to be a suburban stay at home mom. The youngest child (who is biological) was born with physical challenges that have yet to be diagnosed, so much of their time is spent visiting doctors in search of some answers. It seems like an endless quest with speculations being thrown about freely.

My heart goes out to them, and as I looked at Seth on our ride home, I felt so eternally grateful for his good health and normal development. And, it got me thinking. There is so much of life that is uncertain….really everything……and fear of the unknown can be limiting. As a 40+ mom, I often wonder what the future will bring, but try to stop myself in my tracks and focus on the present. That said, when one becomes a parent, you have no idea what kind of child you’re going to get and how the experience will be for you and your family. … Continue reading..

Retreating from Motherhood

June 29, 2007

I was speaking with a friend today about the weekend we are about to go on together and our hopes for what it might be. We have signed up for the moms retreat upstate NY, with both Motherhood Later and other moms not from the group.

It’s at a place called Peace Village, where the emphasis is on meditation, balance, and living a fulfilled life. This particular weekend, which I helped to plan, is for moms to rejuvenate, learn how spiritual pursuits can enhance their lives, get parenting advice, share….and take a break from home responsibility….without the children (unless you opted for childcare).

We are looking forward, and at the same time, it feels a bit odd….in a way….like I’m fleeing or “retreating” from Seth. I know I shouldn’t look at it that way. It’s just two nights. But, it’s weird when you feel guiltily psyched to take a break from motherhood. Although, a big part of the weekend will focus on discussing it, so I’m hardly vanishing the thought from my mind…but I won’t have to change pull-ups, etc.

I am really curious to see what other moms have to say in this communal setting. To let it all … Continue reading..

Graduation Smiles…and Tears

June 23, 2007

Seth graduated nursery school this week, and it was really touching and special.

He marched into the classroom, leading the other children, wearing a construction paper cap, taking his seat front ‘n center. Each child was called up for a diploma, and we were given a glimpse into how they have been spending their time at school.

Chris, the music teacher, led them in two songs they performed. Miles the Crocodile, which they sang, and the Move It, Move It song, as Seth calls it, where they did some head nods and booty (one of Seth’s favorite words) shaking. While a bit out of sync, it was one of the few times I have seen Seth endeavor to show some rhythm and stay with the pack. He is usually the one who marches to the beat of his own drum.

Then, the teacher played a power point presentation featuring photos snapped during the year of the kids engaged in various activities. It was so cute to see Seth’s little spirit and spit fire personality shine through some of the shots. But, I thought I would lose it when the Whitney Houston song played The Greatest Love of All. I got … Continue reading..

Hormone Cocktail Blues

June 21, 2007

While I’m getting so much better with mommyhood in general (as long as I have a babysitter coming in 4 hours a day), the physical/mental/emotional part is all jumbled up by hormones constantly in flux. I just stopped pumping breastmilk for baby a week or so ago – something that was an incredibly tough decision fraught with guilt – and now my nearly stable hormones are off the charts.

So the only thing that seems to help is working. I have so many assignments and deadlines now that I can barely breathe, but at least my brain is on a single track: writing. Somehow, work has become my therapy. But while this means I am on the route to being productive, it also means I’m a bit frantic. It is a little like taking speed to pull an all-nighter to complete an assignment only to wake up the next morning with a headache and a chaotic mess instead of the brilliant work you thought you had produced. Someone out there knows what I mean.

Anyway, I may be going back on progesterone for a month to see if it helps to even me out. That is on top of about … Continue reading..

Dad’s Appreciation Day

June 15, 2007

Father’s Day is approaching, and I look forward to celebrating the day with Seth and Marc….and we’ll see my dad tomorrow for lunch.

I know it shouldn’t take a holiday to show appreciation for your mate, but sometimes in the day-to-day of life, it’s easy to get caught up in stuff and not really take the time.

While I try to live in the moment, it’s not something that comes super easily to me. I often think of doing special things to show my appreciation for Marc….and sometimes I do….but surely not often enough.

I asked Marc what he wanted to do on Father’s Day. And, he said, sleep in, go for a bike ride, and possibly spend time walking around the West Village of Manhattan, and eat out.

But, more importantly than what we choose to do, is to step back and really be grateful for what he does for our family and to recognize that not everyone is as fortunate. There are plenty of single moms in this world who work hard doing it on their own. And, there are those in a marriage where their partner might not be all that hands on or emotionally or physically … Continue reading..

Couples Night Out Here We Come!!

June 9, 2007

We have a sitter coming tonight for Seth, and I am psyched. We so rarely get out as couples on the weekend, but tonight we have play tickets with friends. It will be refreshing to have some adult conversation, even though we’ll mostly be watching a show.

Before we became parents, Marc & I used to go out with friends often, see shows regularly, etc. Now, since we have a nanny during the week, we mostly hang with Seth on weekends and make plans with other families with children. Don’t get me wrong….we do enjoy that too…..but sometimes you just need a childfree evening.

Luckily, Seth has grown to like our weekend babysitter. When he was younger, and we’d leave him, he’d cry and cry. Now he sees it as an opportunity to make it a movie night with the sitter and watch either Cars for the umpteenth time…..or Rescue Heroes. We are so happy they click, and she is very tolerant of his taste in films.

We, unfortunately, don’t have family members available to babysit….so, tomorrow we are actually interviewing a college student who could be a back-up babysitter. We are curious to see how Seth responds to her. … Continue reading..

Dangerous Case of Mistaken Identity by Robin Gorman Newman

My fourth grade son came home from school the other day and said “mommy…something happened in school today.”  I said, “tell me.”  He said, “a drunk man came into SCOPE (the after school program).  I said “what?”  He said a “drunk came in.”  “How do you know he was drunk?” I asked, with a growing amount of concern…trying to temper my borderline alarm.  He said, “Ms. Felicia (in charge of the program) said it looked like he had a bottle in his pocket.”  “How did he get there?” I asked.   “The security guard,” he replied.  I’m thinking…he was with the security guard?  I asked, “Was anyone hurt?”  “No,” he said, “the man left.”  “I’m very glad you told me,” I responded.

I’m thinking the whole time….WHAT???  Am I hearing what I think?  With all that has been reported in the news in recent times, with the loss of many young lives at Sandy Hook due to senseless shootings….a man seemingly drunk gets into my son’s after school program?!

Since the program is held at my son’s school….I decided to visit the school (a blue ribbon school…..acclaimed for academics) and requested a meeting with the principal.  She asked if I’d like … Continue reading..