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Phases of Life

July 14, 2008

My dad is turning 90 in September, and my sister and I are in discussion about planning a surprise party for him. Nothing super elaborate or large, but something special, heartfelt and memorable for all involved.

Last night, I attended a wedding for a third cousin with my dad. There I saw relatives many of whom I haven’t seen in years or perhaps never met. My dad is one of 7, so there’s quite a number of them on both his mother’s and father’s side. But, he only has one sibling living at present, a brother in Florida.

It got me thinking about the cycle of life. I am so grateful for my dad. I lost my mom over 10 years ago, and have blogged about that. And, I often wonder how long he will live (not that I want to think negatively). He has had a number of health challenges over the last few years in particular, and his age is catching up with him. I never viewed him as old. Age wasn’t a factor. He’s my dad, and that’s what counts.

Looking at him now makes me all the more conscious of the passsge of time, and the … Continue reading..

One Great Child

July 7, 2008

I was at the pool over the holiday weekend, and someone from my community, who I don’t know, spotted Seth in the pool and asked if he was my only one?

I found myself feeling defensive. Not just for myself as a mom, but protective in a sense for Seth. I quickly and thoughtfully responded, “Why do people say only one? As if he’s not enough. I prefer to think of it as I am the mom to ‘one great child.'”

I asked if he had any children. He took a moment, and interestingly responded, “I have one great child.”

I laughed. He smiled.

It got me thinking. Why is it that one of the most common questions from complete strangers is, is he your only one? And, it often feels like it’s said with a grain of sadness, as if the child is deprived.

Where did the phrase Only Child come from to begin with?

In my circle of “later mom” friends, there are many with one child. And, we don’t think of ourselves or our children as lacking. I am grateful for my one son.

I know there are many discussions re: the pros and cons of being … Continue reading..

Tequila or hormone-replacement therapy

June 23, 2008

It’s now 166 days since I’ve gotten my period. Six months have gone by and nothing. I get symptoms some months with sore boobs and even cramping where I think I’m going to get “it” and then the symptoms subside.

I’m 42 and my mother explained that she was completely finished by 46, but, now nearing 69, she’s a bit of a revisionist. My sister is older at 48 and hasn’t really missed a whole one yet or even had a hot flash. Those come…oh boy! in an all out blitz, like being called on by a teacher and you don’t know the answer and flush with that heat surge while your face turns red with purple spots and everyone’s staring at you. It’s the same. And headaches. I’ve had two really, really bad headaches this month where I thought a creature would explode out of my temple like the stomach scene from “Alien.”

I’m moody, cranky, bloated, gain weight just looking at food, and some smell oozes out of my every pore. I don’t smell like me anymore, I smell like Shaquele O’Neil’s dirty socks, oh…and I cry…A LOT. I cry because the garbage bag will not come loose … Continue reading..


June 19, 2008

Miriam the Medium, author, Rochelle Jewel Shapiro, (a wonderful writer & new friend), tagged me to contribute a review of an older book that isn’t widely read anymore or a recent book that’s slipped beneath the rador, and post it on my blog on Friday. This unique, creative project was launched by writer, Patti Abbot,, and I’m flattered to participate.

Since I’m posting this review on, I have selected a children’s title that recently came to my attention.

Had I not become a mother, I would never have had the pleasure of discovering this little gem of a book. So, I have Seth, my son, to thank for this, among other things.

Being the truck-loving “all boy” that he is, his nighttime story reading preference is almost always something related to firemen, rescue vehicles, construction, etc. However, The Gift of Nothing is a title that I’ve managed to sneak in to our reading repetoire, and I truly appreciate the message of this small tale with a lot of heart.

By Patrick McDonnell (Little, Brown and Company, 2006), whose website is, it delightfully tells the story of Mooch the cat and Earl the dog. Mooch wants to give … Continue reading..


June 18, 2008

Seth’s pre-K graduation was today, and it was close to being a disaster.

We arrived early, with my dad and Marc’s mom in tow, since parking is super hard by the school, and we wanted to get a prime view for the event.

Seth was totally thrilled to see us, and was excited in general about the festivities.

More and more people arrived, and the teachers prepared. The children, Seth’s fellow classmates, were asked to take their seats. All did, but Seth.

He clung to my neck with a mighty grip and wouldn’t let go. He refused to take his place and started to cry. I lifted him and tried to place him in his chair, and he wouldn’t loosen his gorilla-like grip.

One of the teaching aides came over and took him from me, and let him sit on her lap. He didn’t love that, but went along with it, and eventually sat in his seat. But, he refused to sing any of the songs. Wouldn’t smile. Made some small hand gestures to the music,as did the other kids. But, all without any enthusiasm.

I was stunned, and I thought Marc was going to totally lose it. He was … Continue reading..

GUEST BLOG: A LATER DAD’S PERSPECTIVE (in time for Father’s Day)

June 14, 2008

By Grigoriy Lerman
(husband to Amy Wall Lerman, Northern NJ Motherhood Later Chapter Head)

“Would you write a little something about being a stay-at-home dad?”

I was loading baby bottles into the dishwasher at the time and looked up in confusion for a few seconds and asked her to repeat the question.

“Would you write a little something about being a stay-at-home dad?”

My wife was clearly talking to me.

A stay-at-home dad? But I never thought that term applied to me. Am I a stay-at-home dad? Wait! I’m 40 years old. I’ve already had one career and am working on another.

I guess I thought I was at home studying for my CPA exams and running a small (very small) business on the side. And oh yes, there’s this baby boy I take care of as well. I do all that from home and she commutes to New York City every day. I guess the term does apply to me. It was not a conscious decision for me to stay home with our 6 months old son; it just kind of worked out that way.

What can I write about? What about the frustration I feel when … Continue reading..

Homemakers unite

June 12, 2008

So I am a little slow in getting a second post here at this fabulous blog. Tonight, even though I am tired, I decided it was do or die. Write or fall asleep, but no more delays. Since my last post I jumped into the conflicted world of full-time-outside-the-home working mommy…and I have to say I don’t feel so successful. It’s with a bit of mixed emotion that I send my two and half year old daughter to school everyday. Before this job she went only half day in the afternoon (and before that it was me or daddy or grammie watching her). We used to have a leisurely morning together and I greatly miss our time with each other. Of course, the second piece of that idyllic picture is that I got very little done in the way of personal work and spent much of my day cleaning and handling details that created a lifestyle that my family enjoyed. But, I felt a great discomfort about not having any earned income. Homemaker, though essential, is an invisible job that ranks pretty low in our business-centered society. Personally, I am enamored with the word “homemaker” and would really like to … Continue reading..

Dental Disaster

May 29, 2008

Little did I know how much my son’s last physical shook him up. It shook me up at the time, since he had to get two booster shots and a blood test. Apparently this is what happens when a child turns five. He cried and cried,understandably so, but when it was over, I felt he had conquered a major hurdle and would not be needing shots for quite some time now.

Yesterday, however, proved to be a different challenge. He was scheduled for his routine six month dental cleaning. We arrived in the office, and Seth quickly proclaimed he loves coming to the dentist. Sure….that was his opinion of the waiting room. They have a super cool indoor building the kids can climb into. He can’t get enough of it.

We were quickly called in to see the dentist. The dental assistant asked what flavor toothpaste he’d like his teeth cleaned with. He happily requested watermelon. Then he canvased the room, looking for the toys usually strewn about to distract the kids. There were none to be found this time for some reason.

The dentist walked in and cheerfully engaged Seth in a discussion about pre-K, his summer plans, etc. … Continue reading..