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Child Psychology

May 19, 2008

Saturday night was a challenge in our house.

We had dinner plans with two close (single) girlfriends who adore Seth. Before we all went out to a local family friendly restaurant, they played with Seth in our front yard with his baseball set. He is a little slugger-in-the-making, and all were having a fun time.

Until….for some reason, as Seth walked toward our front stoop, he decided to give our whimsical flying pig a whack. (Those who know me, know that I collect pigs, and Seth is aware that the pigs mean something in our household. Plus, he enjoys them too.) I heard a crack, and the spike supporting the pig broke in half.

What was so upsetting about the situation was his total lack of regard. I know he didn’t intend to break the pig stand, but it was a totally unnecessary move on his part. We have said to Seth in the past “don’t hit the pig.” And, to make matters worse, it happened in front of our friends. Everyone witnessed his blatant carelessness, and the mood quickly went from playful to serious.

This of course led to a heated discussion between Marc and I re: how to … Continue reading..

The Hellacious Day or Why Working From Home Isn’t Cake

May 16, 2008

Originally posted on WorkItMom’s Entrepreneur Mom blog.

It is nighttime, but in Alaska, it is still light. I’m exhausted. Then suddenly, I remember that I forgot to post to this blog today. Where did the day go? And how did I run out of time?

If you are like me, working from home has its pros and cons. I still firmly believe that the positives greatly outweigh the negatives, however, if I look back at my day today, there were several times that working out of the home would have helped me get my work done.

By default, being in an office – especially with other people around – creates a different sense of urgency to your work, a need to adhere to the timelines of others, a strong sense of responsibility that others are depending on you and they are right there in the same office with you.

I’m not saying that because I work from home that I’m not motivated to do the work or that I ignore other’s people’s timelines or even that I don’t have a powerful sense of responsibility toward my colleagues and clients. But when I’m home, I can’t deny that the pull of … Continue reading..

Recommended Reads & Music: for Kids & Moms

May 13, 2008

Decided to take a departure from my typical blog post, and share with you some new books and music worth-noting that have come to my attention of late. You might enjoy checking out the following:


Personalized CDs for Children
They make music compilations personalized for each child. Your child’s name is a feature part of each song. It’s super cute, and a great gift. Seth can’t get enough of his.

by Melissa Errico
The music is really beautiful. Melissa has a gorgeous voice. She is a critically acclaimed Broadway performer and mom, and this is her first CD for children.

by Audra Rox
I love this super cool kids band. They perform a lot in NYC, so you can see them live, if you like their sound. Seth & I love them.

by Princess Katie & Racer Steve
This is their latest CD. Another really great kids band. Have seen them in concert in NYC, and they totally rock. Very hip lyrics and catchy beats. Seth wants to be like Racer Steve when he grows up.

by … Continue reading..

Look at me – I’m Homer Simpson!

May 8, 2008

Ever since I got pregnant and had a baby, I crave beer. Good, cold, fancy imported beer. A substance that used to make me nauseous at the mere smell of it (a residual effect of my college days when I used to go to fraternity parties). It started in the middle of my pregnancy and I thought it would stop after I had the baby. But it hasn’t. In fact, it’s gotten more pronounced six months after giving birth. My husband and I are big wine drinkers and typically have a glass of wine with dinner every night. But now all I want is beer – and all that it symbolizes: a nice pick me up, transition from work day to evening relaxation (yeah, right, like that’s possible with two young children), adulthood, etc.

The other thing I really craved and still do is donuts. The apple fritters from Starbucks are my particular favorite. I don’t allow myself to have too many donuts now. But I do have a good beer a couple of times a week.

I realized this newfound love for beer and donuts has turned me into Homer Simpson. Who have you become since you had children?… Continue reading..

Pat Benatar, Concert for KIDS?

May 8, 2008

The other night, my husband and I finally found the right rock concert for our three young children to enjoy.

Our oldest at 9, Robert’s entrée into the concert arena had been to see Peter Frampton at the same theatre during the summer 2006. I’ve actually had people ask WHO? when I waxed poetic about the infamous Frampton Comes Alive album of 1976 that made A & M records a gazillion dollars and put Frampton on the map. But now, it was our girls’ turn.

So, off to the theatre-in-the-round we went, literally 7 minutes from our house, to our daughters’ first real rock ‘n roll concert ever.

No one has to ask when you mention Pat Benatar, the four-time Grammy winning megastar, named “Best Female Rock Vocal Performance” for 1980 and 1981. A Lindenhurst native, now 55 with two daughters, Benatar rocked the house with her just left of “over-the-top” 80’s, epic pop music. Building to a moving, demonic fever pitch on “Hell Is For Children,” she explained the lyrical origin came from a New York Times article on child abuse that Neil Giraldo (second husband of 16 years) “made the guitar cry to.”

My husband, Tom, and I … Continue reading..

Communal Germs

May 2, 2008

Let me start by saying we had a really nice trip to Boston. We went away last week, during spring break, with Seth, to Beantown. There is so much to do there, and we totally lucked out with the weather, so all was great, for the most part. I highly recommend it as a destination. That said, the tide changed radically once we got home…..

We returned Sunday night, and I felt immediately swamped. Mail to read. Tons of emails. Calls to return. Appointments to make. Unpacking…etc. Vacation was surely over. I did what I could and turned in early (for me)….glad to be sleeping in my own bed again….and at 2AM, major stomach discomfort kicked in. I wound up spending most of the evening in and out of the bathroom and was in bed all the next day. Some kind of stomach flu hit me big time, and I was feeling nothing but pain. My back hurt…legs ached, stomach churned. I lived on saltines, jello and other super light food for the next few days, and still feel like my energy is seriously zapped.

The day after I took ill, Seth started complaining his throat hurt when he yawned, … Continue reading..

Thelma and Louise and Me

April 14, 2008

Ever see the movie Thelma and Louise?

Well….while I’m not a criminal/fugitive like these two gals….I felt like a stifled suburban mom yearning to bust lose when two friends recently invited me to join them on a jaunt upstate NY.

Both are empty nesters looking to enter the next phase of their lives and reinvent themselves, including moving from Long Island, NY to some place two or so hours away. An easy drive is the goal, as well as a great view, and cool town offering culture, shopping, restaurants, etc.

I had mentioned in discussions with them that perhaps Marc and I might consider buying a weekend condo upstate, if our budget permitted. Nothing definite. (Part of me would love to have an apt. in Manhattan, but it’s gotten prohibitive.) I was curious about what the money could buy in a smaller town, and how it would feel to have another place. The last thing we’d want is to have to take care of another home…but a condo in a development might be feasible.

So…when one of my friends emailed me about joining them in their home quest, I first thought…hmmmm…..should I go? Will this be fun? It’s a Sunday…would … Continue reading..

The New Party Invitation

April 12, 2008

And so it has begun. We are now being invited to birthday parties for little kids. Not that we haven’t been invited in the past. It’s just that we never had children before so it never seemed like a fun way to spend a Saturday with dozens of screaming little kids and bad pizza and too much cake (what I imagine little kids birthday parties to include).

We will be attending our first little kid birthday party next week for a 2 year old boy. I will bring Joey who loves to play with “big” kids and will leave Lyra with my mother. Here’s my dilemma. Do we bring a gift (the invitation doesn’t say not to). What do we bring? How much do we spend?

It seems like it should be a simple thing to figure out but I really need some help with ideas. I always get caught up in “oh he probably already has a dump truck/toy cell phone/stuffed doggy.” And “I’m sure clothes are soooo boring for little boys to receive.” And “He is the only child with upper middle class parents. What could he possibly need/want?”

Even though I have three nephews, I can’t for … Continue reading..