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Separation Anxiety

July 25, 2007

I think baby is finally developing separation anxiety – just as I’m getting ready to leave town for 4 days.

Today, I went to a morning meeting and she usually couldn’t care less, playing with the babysitter and barely saying “bye.” But this morning she started to fuss and cry. I’ve read that you aren’t supposed to make a big deal about departures so I smiled, said “bye bye, I’ll be back soon” and hurried out the door. I could hear her fussing as I walked down the driveway to get in my car.

It will be interesting to see how she reacts tonight when I go to the airport. She’ll be with her dad so chances are things will go smoothly. But what about tomorrow when she wakes up and it is the babysitter greeting her instead of me? What then?

Maybe I’m having just a wee bit of separation anxiety myself!… Continue reading..

Never Ending Vacation

July 25, 2007

You’ll be glad to know that we had a blast at Hershey!

Yes, it was tiring, in terms of the territory to cover. But, it was worth it. We all had a really good time, and didn’t OD on the chocolate. I have to say, it is my favorite theme park to date. We have yet to visit Disney with Seth, and some of the smaller ones, but Hershey is definitely on my list in terms of deserving a return visit.

And, being in the Amish country was a nice change of pace. We were on constant look out for corn fields, horse ‘n buggies, cow grazing…and Seth’s favorite, tractors. Buying a tractor is now on his list for “What Mom & Dad Should Buy Me.”

There is a lot to be said for a vacation. While I was having withdrawal a bit from my computer, it was a welcome relief to get a break from it, though I do get email on my Treo phone.

We all slept in the same room in the hotel, and took turns sharing a bed with Seth. There was something sweet about it, and he actually slept later than he does at home, … Continue reading..

Going to the Store

July 24, 2007

I still seem to use going to the store as a way to kill time rather than just hanging around the house with the baby. She does fine, but I get restless. Right now, she is content watching her animal video – she brought it to me and made a little sound that sounded like a demand to watch it. She’s fine but I’m antsy to do something.

It is only 2:20pm and hubby isn’t home for another 2+ hours. So I have “going to the store” on the agenda. Sure, we need a little more formula, but the real reason is to break the monotony. Not that baby is boring – not in the least. But a lot of the time I still can’t dial down my brain enough to just be here, at home, unable to do a lot of work once the babysitter is gone.

We need to get out. If the weather was nicer, I’d put her in the jogging stroller and take a nice walk. But it is cold and rainy again. So supermarket, here we come!… Continue reading..

New at this

July 19, 2007

I’ve heard of blogs and bloggers, and keep track of a couple of blogs on a regular basis. I’ve toyed with the idea of blogging, but never got around to actually doing it, settling for “Why bother? Who would be interested?” Now here is a chance for me to ride on someone’s coattails. Robin’s and Aliza’s, to be exact. So here it is, my very first blog, written during my very first pregnancy. And I’m 40. It’s a great to be doing something new, just when I was verging on the smug feeling of “been there, done that” about most anything. Sure, there will be more new things thrown my way, in this journey to motherhood.

We had our very first meeting today. There were four of us, two mothers and two mothers-to-be. Like it naturally would for people meeting for the first time, our topics of conversation revolved around the logistics of pregnancy and motherhood. All of us agreed that it was a great idea to start a group of 35+ women entering motherhood. I look forward to our next meeting, which will take place next week.… Continue reading..

Travels Without Baby

July 18, 2007

I am about to embark on a business trip without my husband and without my baby. I’m excited about it because I haven’t attended a new media conference in a long time, and I’m going to BlogHer which I’ve wanted to attend for ages. The first year, I was pregnant with baby, the second year I had just given birth. So this is the year.

This is the first time I’m leaving baby for an extended period of time. This is way more than a day-long business trip. This is Thursday, Friday and Saturday nights away (coming back midnight on Sunday night). 3 nights of not waking up in the middle of the night because baby wants a bottle. Imagine that.

I also feel like a grown up again. I can travel solo. I can attend a conference. I can network. I can be like the me I was before having a baby – only 3 sizes larger and with less hair (post partum hair loss was very very bad to me).

I’m a little worried. Will baby be okay all day and night without me around? Or worse yet, will she not even notice I’m gone?… Continue reading..

Bring on the Chocolate….Dark Please!

July 18, 2007

I am psyched…I think.

We are going away this weekend to Hershey, Pennsylvania with another family who has a son Seth’s age. They are good friends, as we are with the parents, so I’m generally looking forward.

What’s not to like? Chocolate is my weakness.

My concern is that it might be exhausting.

I spoke with my friend yesterday who has gone there before. I asked how long a drive it is from NY? She said….”Well….it should take around 3.5 hours…but with traffic, it could be 5.” Yikes! I hate gridlock….and this will be the longest car trip we have taken with Seth.

A woman at my gym went to Hershey recently and said that she needed a vaction once she got home. No doubt it will be good exercise walking all over the park, and I’m sure Seth will adore it. But, I’m not a big fan of crowds and waiting on long lines, especially in the heat.

It is daunting how many theme parks there are for kids….especially those with water. And, as a parent, you feel compelled to visit as many as possible. At least I do. I mentioned to one of my single girlfriends that we … Continue reading..

The Crapshoot That is Motherhood

July 9, 2007

I never thought about the leap of faith…or crapshoot…that motherhood truly is.

This weekend we went to visit friends who have two young children. One is biological, and the other adopted. They are 40 something parents, and the mom has put aside her career to be a suburban stay at home mom. The youngest child (who is biological) was born with physical challenges that have yet to be diagnosed, so much of their time is spent visiting doctors in search of some answers. It seems like an endless quest with speculations being thrown about freely.

My heart goes out to them, and as I looked at Seth on our ride home, I felt so eternally grateful for his good health and normal development. And, it got me thinking. There is so much of life that is uncertain….really everything……and fear of the unknown can be limiting. As a 40+ mom, I often wonder what the future will bring, but try to stop myself in my tracks and focus on the present. That said, when one becomes a parent, you have no idea what kind of child you’re going to get and how the experience will be for you and your family. … Continue reading..

Retreating from Motherhood

June 29, 2007

I was speaking with a friend today about the weekend we are about to go on together and our hopes for what it might be. We have signed up for the moms retreat upstate NY, with both Motherhood Later and other moms not from the group.

It’s at a place called Peace Village, where the emphasis is on meditation, balance, and living a fulfilled life. This particular weekend, which I helped to plan, is for moms to rejuvenate, learn how spiritual pursuits can enhance their lives, get parenting advice, share….and take a break from home responsibility….without the children (unless you opted for childcare).

We are looking forward, and at the same time, it feels a bit odd….in a way….like I’m fleeing or “retreating” from Seth. I know I shouldn’t look at it that way. It’s just two nights. But, it’s weird when you feel guiltily psyched to take a break from motherhood. Although, a big part of the weekend will focus on discussing it, so I’m hardly vanishing the thought from my mind…but I won’t have to change pull-ups, etc.

I am really curious to see what other moms have to say in this communal setting. To let it all … Continue reading..