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Helping My Son Make the High Self Esteem Grade by Robin Gorman Newman

March 27, 2015

 sethstagecrewshirt1My son, who recently turned 12, transitioned into public middle school this year, and it’s been nothing short of challenging in more ways than I ever would have anticipated.

We’ve had to change his classes, deal with the departure of a new teacher, bring in a learning specialist, create strategies for tracking homework, books, long term projects, tests to be signed, etc., etc. 

Anyone whose child is in the Common Core curriculum knows just how hard it is….on everyone.  Homework is given even on weekends and over holiday periods.  Some days, it feels like my son is a manic homework-doing machine, with my husband and I doing our best to assist, if needed, and at the very least, ensure it all gets done.  Some weekends, we haven’t event left the house because it was all quite overwhelming.

As it was explained to me at a school meeting featuring the local education powers that be, the Common Core was created to make American kids more competitive with the rest of the world.

I ask the question….how does this figure in if a child has special needs?  And, what about factoring in self esteem?

What is the impact on a child when … Continue reading..

Older mom, Keeping Up With the Children, by Lori j Loesch

March 26, 2015

I’m a later than sooner mom.  That said, raising a family is tough, especially in this complicated world we live in.  Being an older mom, is tougher.  I am going through menopause, and it feels like it’s killing me.  I feel like a stranger in my own body, the body I’ve had for 52 years, is now a stranger to me.  My ten year old daughter, I can tell by her tone of voice, has had enough with my ‘hot flashes’.  

My daughter is in the fifth grade, and from what I’ve heard, and witnessed, it’s a rough transition, from elementary school to middle school.  Not only the homework load, but also the social element of growing up and growing on.  She’s very intelligent and catches on quickly to new learning experiences.  It’s the social aspect that I’d like to touch upon.  

Faith had a special friend since kindergarten.  She had many other friends as well.  I have noticed the friends, disappearing as the years progress.  They go their way, and that is usually by way of sports.  Faith doesn’t like to play sports, and she has tried everything from ballet, soccer,  gymnastics, to cheerleading.  I saw the changes in … Continue reading..

Being An Old Mommy by Maureen Eich VanWalleghan

March 26, 2015

Isn’t great how kids can keep it real? NOT, especially when it comes to age. One day in the bathroom my daughter let me know in a rather matter-of-fact way that I was an old mommy. I asked why she thought that. “Well you do have wrinkles like Grammie.” Ouch. Of course I responded with “but not as many.” For my daughter wrinkles are wrinkles. She’s not denying them why should I?

The judgment about the wrinkles comes from me. All the many voices I have inside my head bombard me with reminders that I am no longer young and that I should be doing something proactive about the said wrinkles. Of late the skin under my chin is growing older faster and more noticeably to me: getting saggy. Ackkkkkkkkkkkkk

 I am not a plastic surgery kind of person. Frankly, I am not an any-kind-of-surgery person. What is so valuable for me in being an older parent is how much I want to keep my anxiety and paranoia and general fears to myself. I want to age gracefully as a great example for her. I am regularly looking at older women and trying to dismantle my interior judgments about what … Continue reading..

Tips for Helping Kids Have a Good Night’s Sleep by Leona S. Green

March 25, 2015

bedphotoAside from balanced diet and regular exercise, a kid should also have adequate sleep if you want him to grow up into a fine and healthy individual.

But as a parent, you may realize that helping them sleep can be a not so easy task. With the toys, television shows, funny websites, and mobile devices that are catching their attention, these youngsters will try to stay awake for as long as they can. And if you do not properly guide them, there is a big chance that they won’t get the required amount of sleep that they need. So to help you out, here are several simply but effective tips for helping your kid have a good night’s sleep.

1. Use a good mattress
Sometimes, you can easily solve this dilemma by choosing the right foam mattress for their bed. There are different types of mattresses to choose from, and each has its own unique quality. Some products are made from memory foam to make it extra plush and comfortable. Once you lie on it, the mattress will form contours around your body shape.

There are also latex support mattresses that combine spring and memory foam. If you are … Continue reading..

Why Natural Baby Oil is What You Should Be Using by Billy Norris

March 24, 2015


 Baby oil is used to lessen the effects of chapping and chafing, but would it surprise you to know that many brands can actually block pores, worsen rashes, and even irritate sensitive skin? Parents have used it for decades on their babies without realizing that can actually be harmful. The good news is, there are safer alternatives available.

The Lowdown
Also called mineral oil, liquid petrolatum, petroleum distillate, and other names, ordinary baby oil is essentially petroleum with a fragrance added to make it smell light and innocent. The type commonly sold in stores is a petrochemical classified as a Group One or Group 3 carcinogen by the World Health Organization, depending on the level of refinement. According to the National Institutes of health, it may even be contaminating women who use cosmetics made with mineral oil. Furthermore, when a young boy died after inhaling a baby oil, the Consumer Product Safety Commission mandated that all bottle of baby oil be equipped with child proof caps – and no, it’s not one of those Internet memes, it’s sourced on Snopes with links to the new stories at the time. With those big red flags comes a host of other reasons … Continue reading..


March 23, 2015

Razor-Max_Angled_1000x1000_largeAny avid cell phone user (and who isn’t these days?!) who is away from their home or car knows the frustration of seeing a low percentage level on their cell phone’s battery. MyCharge, a Michigan-based manufacturer of portable charging solutions, has introduced the Razor Max, a portable device that charges phones with up to 27 hours of talk time.  It is sleek and slim (though a tad more weighty than I’d like) — but it powers up your phone impressively fast.  And, with two USB ports, you can charge two devices at a time.  You can also charge the powerbank and connected device simultaneously.  It’s made of anodized aluminum, and maintains battery power for up to 1 year.  You’ll never be stranded with a dead cell phone again, if you have MyCharge.  You just have to remember to bring the charger cable for you phone to connect to it.  Visit http://shop.mycharge.com/products/razormax.




Kitchen Curry Master is a new and unique concept that  puts Indian cooking right at your culinary fingertips. This compact kit, conceived by a passionate home cook of Indian roots, features a gift-worthy box of 12 key spices (many of which are hard to … Continue reading..

Hot Flash Mom by Lori j Loesch

March 19, 2015

I’m very tired.  I feel worn out.  I’ve been dealing with Menopausal symptoms.  The hot flashes are the worst.  I can’t sleep, or even take care of daily things.  My mood is very cranky.  I want to go to the Chiropractor, but, I’m looking for a new one, and I would be very embarrassed if I’d have a hot flash while he was adjusting me.  The very fact that I’m worried about having a hot flash, will ensure that I will certainly have one!  

I feel as though I want to live in a bathtub, swimming pool, or ocean.  I can’t stand them, hot flashes.  I feel as though my body is burning from the inside out.  Sweat rolls down my face and chest, too much information, sorry!  But they are awful!  At night I awake in a total sweat, hot heat.  I throw off the covers, hope it won’t last long, then freeze.  I have started to get up out of bed, shuffle to the closet, strip off all my clothes, and put on fresh clean clothes.  Awe, that feels so much better.  Warm, soft, dry clothes.  Now the laundry is piling up!  Another thing to fret over.  

I … Continue reading..

Enjoying the Grammie Factor by Maureen Eich VanWalleghan

March 18, 2015

Yesterday I happened into a new little shop and chatted up the owner. There was a hand towel that said “Caution: Free Range Children,” which got the conversation going. After talking a bit about the book Free-range Kids, the woman mentioned that she was a grandmother and her daughter, who was over 40 had three little ones under three. I, of course, told her about Motherhood Later.

After I left, I was thinking of my own mom. The grandmother in the store was really into supporting her daughter much like my mom. I know one of the sad things about being a later mother is that one’s parents may be dead, but the other thing that is possible—as is my case and the grandmother’s I met—is that the grandparents are retired.

Yes, sometimes the energy of retired grandparents can be less, but in a great way the temperament between grandparents and grandkids can be similar. When my daughter visits my mom and stepdad, everyone takes a nap after lunch. My folks take a nap everyday and they go to bed fairly early. My daughter’s time is filled with doing things “like they did in the old days”—hanging laundry on the … Continue reading..