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October 26, 2014

Let me first say that I’m a HUGE California lover.  Two summers ago, we went to San Diego, and it was just a lovely vacation.

IMG-20140725-01164This past summer, we chose San Francisco and surrounding areas because my son, Seth, age 11, is a huge fan of the website Roblox.com, and we discovered that Roblox has a corporate office in San Mateo, CA, where they periodically host free office visits and feedback sessions for visitors (you have to make a reservation).  Upon hearing this, Seth, of course, couldn’t get there fast enough, so we built a trip around that visit (yes…we really did) and during his two week break from day camp.

We stayed for 7 nights in San Francisco at the Hotel Nikko, a convenient choice in the bustling shopping and dining district of Union Square. One of the reasons we chose it is because they have an indoor pool, which unfortunately wound up being under construction during our stay, but the hotel was gracious and provided us with a free fitness club membership, continental breakfast and evening wine and cheese in the lounge, which wound up being a nice way to unwind after a busy day, and often … Continue reading..

Guest Blog Post: Learning to Practice Self Care by Alison Blair, Later Mom and Health Coach

October 24, 2014

alisonblairWhen talking about children and food allergies, the focus is usually on the child and all that the mom has to do to help them navigate school, daycare and playdates. I’m here to tell the story about what can happen to a mom when her child is diagnosed with food allergies. The constant worry and search for answers and help literally ran me into the ground.

My daughter has 8 food allergies, and a few of them were diagnosed at a very early age: 5 months. Trying to work a full time job and take care of a child with health issues is virtually impossible. If her eczema got uncomfortable, I had to keep her home. If she had a doctor appointment, I had to work from home and take her to the doctor. From January through April of 2013, I don’t think I worked a full 5 day week.

I spent so much time taking Eliza to the pediatrician, allergist, dermatologist, Chinese medicine doctor, nutritionist, not to mention the countless hours I spent online trying to find solutions to make her feel better. I felt like managing her health was a full time job. I had that in addition … Continue reading..

MOM THEATRE LOVER: This is Our Youth: Show Review by Robin Gorman Newman

October 22, 2014

 Kenneth Lonergan’s THIS IS OUR YOUTH, , directed by Tony Award® winner Anna D. Shapiro and developed by Stppenwolf in Chicago, stars Michael Cera, Kieran Culkin, and Tavi Gevinson in the first Broadway production of this insightful and tender, yet comedic revival.

Powerful and endearing portrayals pack a punch in this poignant play about three young Jewish people living in New York in 1982 as they come together in a quest for acceptance, validation, autonomy and love that they so long for from their respective families, but brutally escapes them.

Culkin as 20 year old Dennis is magnetic on stage, and as in charge as his character appears to be at times, underneath we know there is a young man simmering for self sufficiency, while he lives in an apartment financed by his wealthy artist father.  To earn cash, Dennis sells drugs and indulges in a fair amount himself, along with friends.   

Cera, as Warren (a couple of years younger than Dennis), is like a puppy dog who tears at your heart, with his longing for a successful sexual conquest, but more importantly, friends who truly have his back, and emotional freedom from the lingering thoughts about his murdered … Continue reading..

REVIEW: Madison Square Garden “All Access Tour” by Margaret Hart

October 20, 2014

If you live in the New York City area, I have a great day trip for you the next time your kids have a day off from school, and you’re looking for something fun and different to do.  Or, if you are from out of town, and planning a visit to the Big Apple, I’ll be you didn’t know that you can take an “All Access Tour” of Madison Square Garden.  It’s like having a backstage pass.

IMG_4195My nine-year-old son and I recently took the behind-the-scenes guided tour,  and it was tons of fun!  I thought he would be bored, since it didn’t involve running or jumping, but he loved it.  He got to see the Knicks and Rangers locker rooms, a photo of the famous “Dunk” during the May 25, 1993 game of the Eastern Conference Finals between The Knicks and The Bulls, and a New York Knicks Championship diamond ring, which he thought was very cool (me, too). He loved learning about how the Garden keeps the ice cold during hockey season, and is able to quickly transform the floor for concerts – it appealed to the basketball fan and the science kid in him (made mom happy … Continue reading..


October 18, 2014

legostore An impressive, new LEGO Flagship store opened in NYC in the FlatIron district at 23rd Street and Fifth Avenue.   It is the 76th LEGO store in the U.S. and features:

  • Custom New York inspired LEGO® models
  • Replica of the LEGO Store Flatiron District made out of LEGO bricks for children to build upon
  • Front windows feature LEGO murals of legendary New York City scenes
  • In store New York street clock tells actual time
  • A LEGO Miniland replica of New York City is on display
  • 8-foot tall Statue of Liberty model available for photo opps
  • Nearly 500 LEGO sets and LEGO-inspired items available for purchase
  • Life-size brick model of the flagship store’s mascot, Brickley the Dragon

It offers the following experiences: 

LEGO Lounge: Unique to the LEGO Store Flatiron District, the LEGO Lounge welcomes locals to stay awhile. Centered on a replica of the Flatiron district – complete with the new LEGO Store – on display for children to build and play upon, the LEGO Lounge invites parents and children to get cozy on the oversized couch, enjoy the latest LEGO books in a reading area, build on the LEGO carpet, or simply recharge at free charging stations. Young builders can … Continue reading..

GUEST BLOG POST: Filling Your Child’s Memory Bank by Susan Newman, Ph.D.

October 17, 2014

(Adapted from Little Things Long Remembered: Making Your Children Feel Special Every Day by Susan Newman, Ph.D.)


9780991466009-Perfect_072814_1.inddLife swirls at a hectic pace, putting a high premium on finding family time. Amid busy schedules, technology steals more available time than ever before. With so many young children—and parents—enamored with the mesmerizing glitz of electronic screens, digital devices are taking over family in subtle ways parents may not even notice. What will happen to family bonding when kids spend more time with screens than with their parents as many already do?

Children are going to look back on their childhoods remembering only that they could not get their parents’ undivided attention…or you theirs. It’s more important than ever to return to basics.

Whether you have a few minutes, half an hour, or more time on a weekend, starting traditions and creating a backlog of warm memories with your children are easy, especially if you follow the Cardinal Rules:

The Cardinal Rules

  • Don’t let too much time pass between “little things.” Make one a day your absolute minimum.
  • When time is short, deliver a hug, a kiss, and a daily, “I love you.”
  • Give up some social commitments to carve out
  • Continue reading..

Would I Recommend Becoming a Later Mom By: Lori Loesch

October 16, 2014


Would I recommend becoming a later mom?  When I had Faith I was 42 years old.  My son was 11 and my husband was 49 years old.  We were in the peak of our lives.  It was 2004, the home building industry was booming.  We were making more money than we had ever dreamed of making.  Life was good.  Even with a premie baby, life was settling in and I felt young.  

Three years later, the township got rid of the four-way stop signs and installed traffic lights.  Our house was at a cross roads.  We had traffic at two sides of our house all day and night.   The cars no longer stopped, they sped by at breakneck speeds.  One night, in the middle of the night, a car took the turn too fast and totally knocked off the water plug in front of our house.  Faith’s physician was trying to make me feel less anxious about her health issues, and said that she has a better chance of getting hit by a car in front of my house, than she has of contracting RSV, a sometimes fatal virus that premies can get.   He lived up the road in … Continue reading..

Same Journey, New Direction by Jean Marie Keenan-Johnston

October 12, 2014

Yet again I’ve found myself blogging less often than I like.  I’d be proud of myself one Sunday that I was able to post, and then two or more weeks later, I’d find myself kicking myself because I missed another chance to write.  Some weeks it would hit me incredibly hard…blogging is true therapy for me.  I love how good it feels to share my thoughts, especially those golden moments when others tell me something I wrote helped them with their own worries or difficulties!  So when I’m unable to manage blogging for ANY length of time, a part of me feels even more lost than life’s circumstances can possibly make me feel.

Lately I’ve been feeling SO stressed and so sick that sadly those feelings of missing blogging don’t always come.  My mother was hospitalized in August, and that time in the hospital as well as after she was discharged created a lot of extra work for me.  I don’t drive distances very well and my disability makes my own household responsibilities challenging some days and impossible many others.  But I’m the only child who doesn’t work and she was alone…she needed me.  So when I was able to … Continue reading..