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August 27, 2016

hillaryshowlogoThird Annual New York New Works Theatre Festival Presents Tomorrow’s Broadway Sensations and the Rising Stars of Stage and Screen

Taking center stage from August 29th – October 5th, the New York New Works Theatre Festival Mentors Talented Writers and Exposes them to a panel of Broadway Producers, Emmy and Tony Award Winners

Created as a artistic give-back project, the third annual New York New Work Theatre Festival (NYNW) at the Times Square Arts Centre is the only cost-effective festival of its kind that helps Broadway and television’s next generation of writers by exposing them to audiences and providing the mentoring of a panel of Broadway Producers, Emmy and Tony Award Winners who each donate their time for this endeavor.

This year’s festival will present 50 shows submitted from writers around the world. Each evening features a lineup of several diverse productions presented by top aspiring writers in their quest for the Broadway spotlight. Encompassing all genres of theatre, all of the performances are mentored and judged by a panel of Broadway Producers and Emmy Award winners (listed below).

Several performances feature current and past Broadway hits including:

Broadway revival of the six-time Tony nominated, “Starmites” by Barry KeatingContinue reading..


August 24, 2016

STOMP_Logo_ASTOMP opened at the Orpheum Theatre in New York City in 1994; I saw this invigorating stage show there for the first time in the late 1990’s as a single 20-something-year-old city-dweller. Therefore, it was quite a treat—as well as quite a different experience—to return to the Orpheum Theatre this past weekend with my nine-year-old suburban daughter to see STOMP for the second time in my life.

STOMP’s eight member troupe—two women and six men—entertain the audience with an utterly unique combination of percussion, movement, and slapstick humor. The show both begins and ends with a lone performer sweeping the stage with a janitor’s broom; that broom is combined with other brooms and sweepers to create a melodic symphony of sounds. Throughout the performance, using their feet, hands, plungers, aluminum trash cans and lids, newspapers, matchboxes, and lighters—everything including the kitchen sink–the cast turn random objects into a symphony of beats. They even prove that size does matter when they play around with rubber vacuum cleaner hoses of different lengths to produce a variety of different sounds.

stompaug2016There is no dialogue in this show, but cast members communicate their message well with the audience—even getting them involved in the performance … Continue reading..

Mom Theatre Blogger: SMALL MOUTH SOUNDS: Show Review by Robin Gorman Newman

August 23, 2016

photo by Ben Aarons

(Photo by Ben Arons)

Never did silence speak such volumes on the stage.

The critically-acclaimed Ars Nova production of Bess Wohl’s Small Mouth Sounds is playing a limited run at The Pershing Square Signature Center, and it is an understated, smart, tender and insightful  delight.

At times, the actors sit methodically, perched in a row on a platform, and other times, the audience surrounds their action as they leave and enter from various curtained exits.  Whether placid-faced, confused or distraught, their expressions are a free for all and pack an emotional punch.

In the rainy woods, three men and three women embark on a silent retreat that has the potential to be life affirming, yet highly challenging.  As they roll out their sleep mats, journals and lanterns, each navigates not just their rustic, personal space, but the busyness of their minds.  They replay disappointments in life including health challenges and relationship breakups, while engaging in muted exchanges (and an unexpected tryst) with each other, attempting to assess what brought them there in the first place and what they hope to gain.

Directed by Obie Award- winner Rachel Chavkin (Natasha, Pierre, and the Great Comet of 1812), Small Mouth Continue reading..

Talking Perimenopause with Dr. Prudence Hall by Robin Gorman Newman

August 23, 2016

prudence2I had the opportunity to connect with Dr. Prudence Hall to pose some questions re: perimenopause.  She is founder of The Hall Center (


I have been in perimenopause for 8 years…getting closer to menopause.  And, I’ve been highly symptomatic including things I never anticipated, i.e. tongue burn, dry eyes, etc. What are some of the most common symptoms you see?  

Sleeplessness, fatigue, weight gain, depression, hair loss, bloating and gas, loss of libido and more.

What are unexpected symptoms people might experience?  

Many of the symptoms listed previously are oftentimes completely unexpected by menopausal women.  Loss of bone mass and osteoporosis are often unexpected at menopause as well as loss of muscle tone.

Why do hormone fluctuations feel like they wreak havoc on the body?  

When the body loses its hormone balance, it throws it out of homeostasis.  It can also cause issues like thyroid imbalance and adrenal fatigue.  It can make people feel like they are not themselves and lose their zest for life.

Once a woman reaches menopause and hormones are gone, do the symptoms go away, or does she need to now accept a new “normal” way of feeling?  

No.  Symptoms continue for a … Continue reading..

ILUMINATE: Ticket Giveaway & Discount Offer: from

August 16, 2016

iLuminate_Title_LogoThe Most Fun You’ll Ever Have In The Dark!


From AMERICA’S GOT TALENT to the New York Stage!
$39.50* Orchestra Tickets – Mon 7pm, Wed 3pm & 7pm, Thu 7pm
$45.50* Orchestra Tickets – Fri 8pm, Sat 1:30pm & 8pm, Sun 3pm

Music, art and the technological magic of iLuminate brings you a story of adventure and romance told through dance styles ranging from contemporary, hip-hop, Latin, and breaking, all using the power of light. A mash-up of dazzling wizardry, spectacular dance moves, high-tech effects and fun new interactive games that allows the audience to participate, iLuminate delivers a unique captivating dance-in-the-dark event.

Critics are Raving:

iLuminate_062713_0216_medium-e1412791533668“Spectacular, magical and dazzling” –The New York Times

“Move over Blue Man Group and Stomp, iLUMINATE is in the house!” -Times Square Chronicles

“iLUMINATE is the hippest, most imaginative show in NY. An electrifying visual delight!” -Theaterlife


“Eye-Popping Spectacle! iLuminate lights up your life!” -Time Out New York

ONLINE: Click Here or Visit and enter … Continue reading..

Guest Blog: Great Parents Understand That Children’s Brains Are Different by Erica Reischer, author, What Great Parents Do: 75 Simple Strategies for Raising Kids Who Thrive

August 16, 2016

Photo credit: Anthony Woolf

Photo credit: Anthony Woolf

Two common frustrations of parents, especially parents of young children, is how loooong everything takes, and how much repetition and reminding seems to be required.

Before becoming a parent, getting out the door in the morning used to be a breeze and now it seems to take at least twice as long. Ask your toddler to put on her shoes and ten minutes later you may find her playing intently with her blocks instead, the shoes having been long forgotten. Ask your first-grader to hang up his coat when he comes home from school and you may find the coat on the floor most afternoons. Having kids is a time-intensive and repetitive project.

True, and for good reason: Children’s brains are different from adult brains. In contrast to adults, who are generally able to undertake a task and stay focused, children get distracted (as we adults often perceive it). This “distractibility” causes much frustration for parents: Parents often feel they are always reminding their children to stay focused and are constantly repeating themselves.

When you notice your kids getting “distracted,” remember this: Children’s brains are wired for discovery and learning. Their prefrontal cortex (the seat of … Continue reading..

The Tether Effect by Pamela Francis

August 15, 2016

So I just read a headline that said “1 couple saves 1 mil and retires; the rest go home to mom” and thought, hey, man, I’d LOVE to go home to mom.  Nothin’ wrong with that.  Because among other things, my mom is witty, pretty, has a great husband (therefore I have a great stepfather), we laugh a ton when we’re together, and we haven’t spent a whole lotta time with her in the last 20 years since I moved away from New York (where mom still resides) to points all over the map that I’ve resided, in my never-quenching thirst for that place, that place, that beautiful place… to live.

I lack rootedness. I have had more addresses than a military brat. Granted, I WAS one, and maybe that’s the reason for my “affliction”, but in the 26 years since I’ve left home I have not committed to any one place that I want or plan to call HOME AT LAST except maybe, just possibly… South Carolina.

When my mom purchased land in SC back in 2008 and told me I was more than welcomed to put a home on it, I was over the moon with gratitude and … Continue reading..

Placenta Encapsulation — An Option to Tackle the Baby Blues by Zoe Richmond

August 12, 2016

The days after giving birth a critical.  They are not only a critical time for the newborn baby, but they are also critical to the mother.  It’s also an exhausting time.  There is the physical exhaustion of the delivery, or the painful recuperation from a C-section. There is the grueling schedule of having to adapt to your new baby’s schedule.  There is also the flux of hormones coursing through your body.

It can be overwhelming.  So overwhelming in fact, that the Centers for Disease Control state that about 20 percent of women suffer from post-partum depression.  Post-partum depression, or as is sometimes referred to by it’s non-threating name “Baby Blues” is not a new condition.  It’s obvious to assume the hormones causing Post-partum Depression, PPD, have been around since women have been giving birth.  But it seems in recent years that women have been able to talk about it.  Doctors have been brining this up to soon-to-be mothers and resources made known before a woman leaves the hospital.

I was fortunate, I felt a little swamped at time but I was able to stave off depression.  I have my family and husband to thank; they were very supportive and hands-on.… Continue reading..