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Guest Blog Post: Seven Things I Want My Mom to Know Before It’s Too Late by Janet Miller

September 27, 2016

janet-millerOftentimes, we take our loved ones for granted and simply assume they know how we feel, but I believe it’s important to tell them how we feel, in addition to us showing them how we feel. It’s nice for them to receive the verbal reminder every now and again, just for that extra umph factor. They need to hear that we appreciate them.

Below are seven things I want my mom to know before it’s too late:

  1. You are beautiful, both inside and outside, to me

Just because you are a mom, does not mean you are not also a woman. I recognize this and appreciate all of your many characteristics. As my mother and as a woman, you are beautiful both inside and outside. I can see some of myself in you, and some of you in me. It’s not just that I have your blue eyes and the shape of your face, but that I have some of your personality as well. The older I get, the more appreciation I have for this. Thank you for putting up with me during my rebellious teenage years of independence. Your beauty certainly shone brightly through during that phase. Thank you … Continue reading..

The future is here! Google’s self-driving car is in our neighborhood by Zoe Richmond

September 22, 2016

Here’s a list of things my toddlers will never get to do:  1.) Make a mixed tape for a girl. 2.) Leave a goofy answering machine message.  3.) Drive a car.

The jury is still out on number 3. But with Google’s self-driving car testing in our neighborhood it feels like the future is here.


Google’s self-driving car on display at a recent community open house.

Months ago, my husband came home with some exciting commuter news.  He had spotted a Google self-driving car in our Phoenix suburb of Chandler.  Weeks later he brought home a picture of the self-driving SUV.  So you can imagine my excitement when Google had an open house for our community to see the vehicle up close.

I loaded the kids up in their wagon and we headed out to see first-hand the revolution of transportation.   Would they remember this moment the same way generations before remembered seeing the first automobile?  Would it be as brilliant as watching the first space launch?

It was a bit lackluster compared to a space launch.  The Google self-driving car was an unassuming white SUV, akin to the gaggle of mom-mobiles seen around our neighborhood.  The only way to … Continue reading..

Raising an Entrepreneur by Margot Machol Bisnow (Book Excerpt)

September 20, 2016

raisinganentrepreneurRule 3: Don’t Worry About A’s

Schools Don’t Always Nurture Entrepreneurs

Some children who grow up to become entrepreneurs have habits that most schools don’t value. They question the rules and challenge authority. They want to do things their own way. They get bored and lose focus when the task at hand doesn’t interest them. And what does that mean?

  • It means they often aren’t happy in school.
  • It means some teachers may not like them very much.
  • It means nobody at school is mentoring them, because they don’t see how special they are.
  • It means they aren’t getting a lot of positive feedback at school.

Schools, of course, teach necessary academic and social skills, but to some extent they also reward behavior that is diametrically opposed to what’s needed for entrepreneurial success. And, as one mom I talked with pointed out, schools often put more emphasis on remediating kids’ weaknesses than they do on finding and supporting kids’ strengths. That approach can be devastating to a youngster with an entrepreneurial mind-set, a kid who learns in ways that are determined by her passions, not by an academic schedule, a teacher’s checklist, or a standardized test.

Some children do have … Continue reading..

Cirque du Soleil: Toruk – the First Flight: Show Review by Susan Coronel

September 13, 2016

toruk-2As my five-year-old daughter and I walked to our seats at Barclay’s Center on Wednesday, September 7 to see the Cirque du Soleil’s latest spectacle, Toruk – the First Flight, we felt as though we were transported to another world. Blue light blanketed the arena stage, which was transformed into a hilly landscape with an elevated structure at its core, accented by blinking fireflies pulsing to slow electronic music.

Directed by Michel Lemieux and Victor Pilon, Toruk is inspired by the James Cameron movie Avatar, and takes place on a faraway moon called Pandora. The initial mood upon entering the arena set the stage for an imaginative, multimedia display that included flying dragon and dinosaur puppets, visual projections and innovative stagecraft, accompanied by cinematic music, drumming and chanting.

However, although the surface of the show was dazzling, the signature acrobatics of the Cirque du Soleil performers played a secondary role. Yes, there were gravity-defying spins and dips from suspended ropes, handstands and flips, but performers were scattered throughout the arena, making it difficult to concentrate on any one area or feat.

Toruk takes place thousands of years before the events in the movie Avatar, before any humans arrived. … Continue reading..

Guest Blog: Setting Sail for a New Family Life by Leon Schulz, author, Sabbatical at Sea, a Family Sets Sail

September 13, 2016

The following is an excerpt from Sabbatical At Sea…..


sabbatical at seaIt was already May, and the step from Planning into the actual Sailing phase was only a few weeks away. Were we in chaos? That would be an understatement! We were such good planners, surely?

What we thought would feel like organizing a somewhat longer than usual summer holiday aboard our boat, Regina, eventually turned out to be a bigger project than we had ever thought, even after reading all those books by liveaboards and cross-questioning every blue-water sailor we ever met.

It was now two weeks before the moving company was due to empty our house, our home, and take all our possessions, every stick of furniture, bed-sheet and winter coat, book and frying pan, to a storage warehouse. Just six weeks before, we’d not even made the fi nal decision to put the house up for sale. Planning comes with some flexibility in our family, you see.

Another family we had been in contact with had just returned home with their two girls from a three-year circumnavigation. They had asked: “Why do you want to keep your house? Why don’t you sell it?” And we didn’t know … Continue reading..

TICKET GIVEAWAY & SPECIAL OFFER: Stuffed by Lisa Lampanelli — Off Broadway — from

September 6, 2016

stuffedSTUFFED by Lisa Lampanelli

directed by Jackson Gay with additional material by Ashley Austin Morris starring Ann Harada, Zainab Jah, Lisa Lampanelli, Jessica Luck


SEPT 23 – NOV 6 

Special Mommy Matinees: Wednesday, October 19 & Wednesday, November 2 at 12 Noon.




A bulimic, a compulsive eater, a confident overweight gal, and a chronically thin chick walk into a play and… what happens next could only be told by comic mastermind Lisa Lampanelli. With signature wit and razor-sharp insight, Lampanelli’s famously irreverent voice comes to the New York stage with Stuffed, bringing together four women’s disparate stories to paint an acerbically witty and ultimately poignant portrait of the insanity of a world that forces women to address hard-hitting issues like: Is eating an ice cream sandwich in the shower an emotionally fulfilling activity? When it comes to blue jeans, should one opt for a camel toe or a muffin top? And the ultimate question: can food and body-image issues ever truly be conquered or are we all just destined to be Stuffed?


7:00pm Tuesday-Thursday, 8:00pm Friday, 2:00pm & 8:00pm Saturday, 2:00pm Sunday… Continue reading..

Guest Blog: Not Inconsequential by Amy McCready, author, The Me, Me, Me Epidemic: A Step-by-Step Guide to Raising Capable, Grateful Kids in an Over-Entitled World

September 6, 2016

Amy McCreadyConsequences are the steamed broccoli of the parenting world. We may initially love the idea of our kids’ learning valuable lessons from their mistakes and beginning to step up to their responsibilities. But when it comes to serving them up every day, consequences can be hard to choke down.

What actually constitutes a consequence, anyway? Think back to your high-school physics class. Every action creates another action. In the case of perfect parenting (and in a perfect world), a positive action (like helping a younger sibling build a marble track) would produce a positive reaction (the younger sibling shares his favorite marbles). A negative action (feeding leftovers to the family dog) would produce a negative reaction (family dog throws up all over the perpetrator’s shoes).

Of course, the parenting world is not perfect, and sometimes our kids see no consequences at all for their actions (they decline to practice their presentation on Neptune, only to be saved by a fire drill) or face a positive consequence for a negative action (they forget their PBJ lunch and a friend shares his pizza) or vice versa (they stop to pick up litter from a flower bed in a neighbor’s yard, only to … Continue reading..

Special Self-Care Finds from Two Caring Entrepreneurs by Robin Gorman Newman

September 1, 2016

These two companies put their health knowledge into their products, and in the process are helping others.  I’m a fan of their offerings, and wanted to share.

sync skinSynchronology is a skin care line developed to target the lower levels of the dermis, where cell regeneration takes place, for a holistic treatment to refresh your skin from the inside out. The key ingredient is Sea Buckthorn Berry, a high grade natural ingredient commonly known as “The Magical Berry.” It has proven itself over centuries, to promote skin cell rejuvenation and continual protection from our harmful environment. You don’t need to use unnatural and unhealthy chemicals on your delicate skin to see results.

I love this about them!  Synchronology Skin Care Inc. deeply cares about giving back and serving the community and they donate 10% of our gross profits to various charities dedicated to the care of mental health and depression because beauty and health starts from within.

Here’s some details on a couple of the products in the line of six:

FACIAL CLEANSER: The Inside Out Facial Cleanser smells clean ‘n fresh and its smooth, light lather, gently, but thoroughly, unclogs pores and removes stubborn makeup. Use with clean hands, or … Continue reading..