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The “Love It or List It” Zone by Sharon O’Donnell

September 27, 2014

 Warning:  Watching the TV program “Love It or List It” can be addictive. This is one of the many shows that come on the HGTV network in which homes are renovated — only in this one the featured couple must decide whether to stay in their renovated house by the show’s designer  (with money they themselves put up, so it is a limited amount) or to move into another home that the show’s realtor finds them.  I know that these episodes are probably not all true-to-life and involve some overly dramatic acting — but I’m still addicted.  When I happen to come across the show as I’m flipping through the channels, I immediately go into another zone.  I HAVE to see which house the couple chooses:  their renovated home or a home the realtor shows them.  Will they ‘love it’ and stay in their house or ‘list it’?   Isn’t that what every inquiring mind would like to know?

The problem is that as soon as an episode ends, another one comes on before I can change the channel.  And usually there’s another one.  You can easily waste several hours by watching this show . . . or so I hear.  … Continue reading..

School Daze, Remnants from my past By: Lori Loesch

September 26, 2014


Why is school such a thorn in my side?  I love school, learning.  What makes me anxious is all the extra things I feel I must do for my daughter.  There’s a week where kids wear different articles of clothing.  A cowboy hat, I mean cowgirl hat, bandana, etc.  Then there’s signing her homework, every night.  It doesn’t sound like a big deal, but she worries that I’ll forget, and she’ll get a fine.  Her snack, they have a late lunch, the paper that came home telling us what not to send, is exasperating.  Nothing that was packaged in a factory, that may also manufacture peanuts.  I make a jelly sandwich and give her an apple.  

I do feel my daughter should be in charge of more things school related, but I’ve done everything for her and her brother, I know, it isn’t the best idea, but I came from a family where I was not much more than a dog.  I’m 52 and I am finding it difficult to keep up with the physical things I did when I was 30 years old.  

Why doesn’t school start at nine or ten am.?  Mornings are difficult, it takes me … Continue reading..

FINDS by Robin Gorman Newman

September 26, 2014


I love to share my picks when I stumble on cool, practical, noteworthy items.  Check out the  below:



Known for his bold, street-inspired style, internationally recognized artist Zio Ziegler worked with PBteen to design a hip collection of graphic décor ranging from bedding to wall art and back-to-school picks like back packs, lunch bags, laptop cases and other gear. Each piece of Zio Ziegler’s detailed work is heavily influenced by graffiti and tells a story.

This messenger bag offers up some serious street style. It’s lightweight, tough enough to stand up to heavy loads, keeping books and supplies neatly organized.  My son loves this “awesome” bag, and it works for his laptop as well.

  • 17″ wide x 5.5″ deep x 9.5″ high — just the right size, without being overwhelming.
  • Made of rugged, water-resistant 600-denier polyester — strong, well-constructed.
  • Features padded cross-body strap and padded laptop sleeve — comfortable to carry.

Visit http://www.pbteen.com/products/zio-ziegler-blue-dragon-messenger-bag/?pkey=cbackpacks-zio-ziegler-collection&


masterlockMASTER LOCK

In need of locks for your child for school?  Look no further…Master Lock has a wide array, and locks have never been cooler and more secure.  Check out these two…..

1500eXD dialSpeed Digital Combination Padlock - … Continue reading..

Guest Blog Post: Managing Availability by Julia Cameron, author, The Artists Way for Parents

September 26, 2014

*Excerpted with permission from The Artist’s Way for Parents by Julia Cameron. Copyright © 2013 by Julia Cameron.  Jeremy P. Tarcher; Penguin Group USA – A Penguin Random House Company. 


artistswayparentsManaging Availability

            It is a constant balancing act to determine how available we should be to our children. There are times when we choose to be unavailable, needing to recharge on our own. There are other times when we are committed to work and unable to be at home. And then there are times when we must be cautious not to be too available. On a daily basis, our commitments–to ourselves, our work and our children–must be juggled thoughtfully. It is our job to not only determine the necessary family schedules.  We must meet work and educational needs, appointments and desires.  We must also  tune in to– and react to– emotional and spiritual needs.  These help determine the amount of time we have together and the amount of time we have apart. 

            Often, our impulse is to commit more time to our children than is really feasible—or advisable. We want to be a “good parent” 24/7. We believe we should always be “on tap.” But this is not realistic. We … Continue reading..

GUEST BLOG POST: Are We Doing Too Much For Our Kids? by Rochelle Jewel Shapiro

September 24, 2014

little author

rochelleheadshotYou cut your child’s sandwich. You know the routine. He wants the crusts off the bread and the bread halved. Then it goes to wanting the sandwich quartered. That passes muster for awhile until he decides that under no circumstances should any peanut butter and jelly or melted cheese be allowed to ooze from the sandwich. So it’s a go around with the side of a knife, wiping with a napkin in between. And then, of course, no other food may touch it. On it goes until you feel enslaved to “the great dictator” who just happens to be your own child.

I kept thinking about how all this catering to children just leads to fussiness and further demands as I read Yona Zeldis McDonnough’s  new children’s biography of Laura Ingalls Wilder, Little Author in the Big Woods (Henry Holt, 2014). As a child, Laura Ingalls Wilder, author of the beloved Little House on the Prairie books from which the popular TV show came, helped her parents on their farms, taking the cow out to pasture every night, did housework, cooking,  tended to the younger children, and went to school (a rarity for a girl in the 1800’s), and she … Continue reading..

Anybody Else a Tad Stressed By Recent News & Events? by Jean Marie Keenan-Johnston

September 21, 2014

My own recent life has been MORE than stressful!  The last month of summer alone was filled with more than I’d like to have dealt with…ER visit upon ER visit upon ER visit!  First we had what had to be our fourth animal hospital visit with our oldest cat who was diagnosed with cancer late last winter and yet keeps having other health problems, completely unrelated, that have put him in the animal hospital but still weren’t bad enough to take him from us.  Waiting for the ax to fall is tough…it’s like living with a ticking time bomb.  But when you add all these extra animal hospital visits that have you keep asking yourself, “Is this it?  Has the time now come?” it makes the situation a lot tougher.  We had barely gotten over that scare when a routine doctor appointment with my mother’s primary physician landed HER in the ER, followed by a week-long hospital stay.  She’s now been home for a bit recovering slowly, but recovering nonetheless.  She left that hospital needing a lot more assistance from us, her children, than she needed before she went in.  

But that’s not it!  Even before my mother was discharged … Continue reading..

Adjusting To The School Schedule By: Lori Loesch

September 20, 2014


Adjusting to a new school schedule is always the same.  Everyone is displaced, trying to find a comfortable spot, in a new grade, a new school, with new students.  

We’re in the third week of school.  There have been a few changes.  A few things we let go.  It’s sad to see things change, yet it’s usually a good thing, if it’s the right change.  Having Faith join cheerleading was an exciting change.  The traveling was a hurdle, but I was ready to run and jump as best I could.  Driving or riding long distances is not something that I’m comfortable with.  

I had a feeling Cheerleading wasn’t top priority on Faith’s list of things to do.  When we brought the cheerleading uniform home, she never took it out of the bag.  It sat in the bag, on the table, until she had to put it on.  She didn’t wear the white sneakers around the house to get used to them.  I had a feeling…She’s not that into cheerleading.  

I wanted to look at this decision in a positive way.  Sometimes school is enough.  Wolfing down food – doing homework in the car – coming home late on a … Continue reading..

There’s no place like home…. By Vicky Dal Molin

September 16, 2014

My last post was all about time management (or seeming lack thereof in my life these days). So what happens when you take that time-poor existence and then try and transport it with a 2 year old half way around the world?

Well effectively more poor time management but what I think was the trip of a lifetime for us both and certainly a learning experience for myself. So Aussie Mum and her American Kid head off to Australia a couple of weeks ago. Just the 2 of us. Aussie Mum will admit she was completely terrified of traveling alone with overly rambunctious and prone to way too many tantrum child on the cusp of this 2 year birthday. I should have been terrified…. Traveling with a child is truly a new level of difficult and uncomfortable – but I will tackle topic another time. Today – it’s about “coming home”. (queue sappy music and tissues).

It had been 19 months since I had trekked to Australia with then a 4 month old quiet little angel (I say that now…. maybe wasn’t saying that during that long journey back then). And I admit between feelings of terror about the trip … Continue reading..