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Fun Ways to Keep Your Kids Entertained This Summer by Vivi Gly

July 2, 2015

Kids are always looking for something fun and new to do in their free time, especially now that summer break is here. I’ve put together a list of affordable and entertaining ideas to keep your kids engaged and busy with a fun-filled summer they won’t forget!  And, to save money, you might consider shopping with Groupon Coupons.  You can find thousands of coupons right at your fingertips and easily print them from Groupon Coupon’s website or download their app and access coupons from your smartphone.


Your kids will have splish splash fun and won’t complain about the hot weather with savings on an Intex Easy Set pool. You can conveniently place the pool in your backyard, and your family can take a refreshing dip to cool off anytime.


Kids love nothing more than a good water gun fight. A unique take on a water gun toy is the Astronaut Costume Space Pack Water Blaster.This water blaster from Kohl’s is a bargain, and they can enjoy a rousing water gun fight dressed up as astronauts.


There’s nothing more fun than an inflatable amusement park  your child can jump around in and get wet.  Kohl’s has deal on a Blast Zone … Continue reading..

A Poem by Lori Loesch

June 25, 2015


My lips are mute

my fingers numb

Words I form

do not come


Inside my life

I try to find

the person I am,



Who is she

Where is she

Will I ever meet thee


Is she smart

What if she’s funny

Maybe she doesn’t even

want money


It would be nice to see the me

deep within,  do you see

She’s hiding now

She won’t reveal

She’s afraid  she’s scared


Always the child on the porch stoop

standing there in Prayer

“Come into my heart Dear Jesus”

From what was she hiding

From what was she scared


Jesus knows

the child forgot

she locked it away in her heart


She’s older now

but not forgot

the pain she locked

inside her heart


Go away

leave me bee

I’m older now can’t you see


I ran away,  why’d you follow

Go away

I want tomorrow


Free from that hurt

Free from that sorrow

the sorrow of what I lost

never had

all because I had no,  good dad

And now I pass my torch of sorrow

onto my son and daughter




 … Continue reading..

Thank You, John Denver by Sharon O’Donnell

June 20, 2015

As high school and college graduations have come to end, I paused to think about my own, as well as the graduations of my two oldest sons (the most recent was

my oldest son’s graduation from the Master of Accounting program at the University of Virginia.  The words to a John Denver song — the song that got me through high

school with its inspiration — always come back to me at this time of year. The song is called “Looking for Space”, and it is a masterpiece. I listened to it this week for the first time in a long

while, and it still is magical to me. So here is a link to it, followed by my oldest son’s graduation photo. Please listen. Should be the class song of every graduation class, expresses so much that the soul cannot articulate.

Thank you, John Denver.



 … Continue reading..

FEEL GOOD GIFTS & A GIVEAWAY by Robin Gorman Newman

June 16, 2015

waterbraceletSometimes a bracelet isn’t just a bracelet, it is a message, a spiritual token, a healing agent. Red Water Designs combines the beauty and ethereal quality of natural gemstones with their deeper meaning in The Elements Collection — jewelry that focuses on the 4 Elements: Earth, Fire, Water, and Air.

Each piece focuses on a key element and comes with a card detailing the personality trait and healing properties associated with the element and stones. If you’re looking for a unique gift, this can send a lasting, positive, empowering message of well-being….whether to the graduate in your life, someone who needs a mental or physical boost, a friend aspiring to adopt a spiritual practice, etc.

I have the Water stretch bracelet pictured.  I chose it because I have always embraced water — whether swimming, boating, lounging in a hot tub, or sitting by a beautiful waterway.  This bracelet reminds me to take a breathe during my busy day and to envision myself perched by a beautiful stream, taking in nature and reading an inspiring book.

The card that came with the bracelet states: WATER; Devoted, artistic, compassionate, trusting, spiritual & generous. The stone is: Lapis — which is calming and … Continue reading..

THE BERENSTAIN BEARS LIVE! in Family Matters the Musical: KIDS SHOW REVIEW by Jaime Sumersille

June 15, 2015

Berenstain Bears LogoThe one hour musical, Berenstain Bears Live in Family Matters entertained an audience that spanned generations on Saturday, June 13.

A “beary” good time starts for families as they walk through the doors and are given foam bear crowns. Everyone – parents included – immediately become part of the Berenstain family.

Set on a decorated stage at Manhattan Movement & Arts Center on W. 60th Street, the basement theater boasts stadium seating and a “grassy” rug area for kids to graze on during the show.

jaimekidsEach member of the six-person cast was exceptional and energetic throughout the entire performance. Mama, Papa bear and their cubs, Brother and Sister were joined by two other characters who played various roles. Mama and Papa Bear also played other roles as well.

Their spin on each supporting character was unexpected, humorous and entertaining. The music was upbeat and catchy, and the dance numbers were infectious and always in sync. The costumes looked just like the book and television series with wigs, felt ears and paws rounding out the “bear look.”

As scenes changed, existing cast members came out to assist, staying in character and keeping the audience’s attention.

The show wove three morals into … Continue reading..

Giving the Dog a Bath by Sharon O’Donnell

June 13, 2015

     One night recently, I decided to give our long-haired dachshund, Fenway, a bath. I always give Fenway baths in our own bathtub, regulating and testing the water temperature like I did with my sons when I used to give them baths many years ago. I’m the one who usually gives Fenway baths, and since he is over ten years old, that’s a lot of baths. I usually run the water and then step over the tub and sit on the side of it, my feet in the water so I can lean over and give Fen a good scrub. Afterwards, I lift him out and dry him off, with him trying to escape to air dry by running back and forth down the hallway like a crazed madman, almost galloping down the hall, his floppy ears flying behind him. I’ve never had any incidents at doggy bath time .  . . until now.

      I was home with Fenway and my youngest son, Jason, 14, when I decided it was time to give the dog a bath. When I stepped over the tub with Fenway in my arms, my foot slipped, and I lost my balance. I remember falling toward the … Continue reading..

Guest Blog Post: Define Your Life Purpose by Artie McFerrin, author, The Executioner

June 10, 2015

Artie McFerrin 2013As parents, our overarching goals for our children are to have them grow up to be happy, successful, productive members of society. We provide the building blocks they will need, such as positive thinking and self-confidence. But do you practice what you preach? Do your children see your positive mental attitude and self-confidence?

The following is a book excerpt from THE EXECUTIONER, printed with permission from Archway Publishing…..

I’ve also realized that it’s not easy to define a major purpose of excellence in our lives, and it is even more difficult to believe with all our hearts that we will achieve our goals in a matter of time. There are millions of options, good diversions, enslavements, distractions, and examples from which we can choose. In many ways, it was probably much simpler in the 1920s, ’30s, ’40s, and earlier, when achieving your life’s ambitions was often defined by owning your home and land, running your own business, or exceeding the lifestyle of your parents. Life was much tougher then, and there were few nice distractions. Today, most of us tend to think that we want a lot of things—vehicles, vacation homes, job titles, and “toys”—that aren’t really of significant … Continue reading..

Mom Theatre Blogger: PERMISSION: Show Review by Robin Gorman Newman

June 9, 2015

2._Lucas_Near-Verbrugghe__Justin_Bartha__Elizabeth_Reaser__Nicole_Lowrance_in_a_scene_from_MCC_Theaters_PERMISSION_(photo_by_Jenny_Anderson)Playwright Robert Askins has two shows in NYC right now, and while it’s hard to top the impact of HAND TO GOD, Permission holds its comedic own with an appealing cast and a quirky twist on couplehood, the pursuit of marital intimacy and Catholicism.

Askins is adept at pushing the religious envelope, and with Permission, think a milder Fifty Shades of Grey meets Christ, and that gives you a clue.

While no hand puppet is featured here, the wives are puppet-like, as they devotedly acquiesce to their husbands. Dowdy Cyndy aspires to write a novel, but instead spends time watching television reruns Matlock and inhaling wine.  Eric is acting chairman of a local science department, and lacks the backbone to push for a permanent position. Zach is a driven entrepreneur with an eye toward expanding his sporting goods business. Leggy Michelle is part attorney part Martha Stewart, if only to please her husband. However, when she’s bad in his eyes, she’s bad in the eyes of God, and there are ramifications.

At a dinner party, Cyndy and Eric witness a rousing spanking session between close friends Zach and Shelley, devotees of the real life practice of Christian Domestic Discipline (CDD), … Continue reading..