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SWEET TOOTH DELIGHTS: for Mother’s Day and More by Robin Gorman Newman

April 22, 2015

sharisberriesWith Mother’s Day quickly approaching, I have to share about a recent decadent discovery…..Shari’s Berries.

A gifting company delivering flowers, chocolates, gift baskets, and unique personalized gifts, they offer goodies ranging from gourmet hand-dipped strawberries to brownie pops to salted caramels to cake truffles to chocolate dipped pretzels, strawberry cheesecake bites, chocolate covered Oreos, etc.  There are many combinations to choose from, and they offer specials and seasonal items.

I had the opportunity to sample half a dozen dipped strawberries and chocolate covered cherries, and I can honestly say that the strawberries were the best I’ve ever had.  The chocolate coating was quite thick and really delicious.  The cherries too were a treat.

My 12 year old son loved them all as well.  And, the presentation was lovely.

What we sampled for Easter was like this item (pictured) that is being offered for Mother’s Day….  


 Follow the company here….



 Note: Thanks to Shari’s Berries for providing samples.
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April 22, 2015

Chuggington Live CastThe North American premiere tour of CHUGGINGTON LIVE! The Great Rescue Adventure rolls into New York City’s Beacon Theatre on Saturday, May 16 and Sunday, May 17, 2015. The live-action, musical children’s show, based on the popular TV series, gives young fans and their families the opportunity to experience the train-tastic adventures of the Chugginton trainees, Wilson, Brewster and Koko.

This brand-new production features impressive trains with working features and movements that bring the Chuggington TV series characters to life on stage. A fun, two act musical, this live show is presented before a giant LED video wall featuring animated locations and background action sequences from the popular TV series.

In CHUGGINGTON LIVE! The Great Rescue Adventure the trainees are eager to impress their mentors by mastering new roles that test their courage, speed, and determination. When Koko finds herself in trouble at Rocky Ridge Mine, it’s up to her friends to help her. Do the trainees have what it takes to put their newly learned skills into practice to save Koko?

First launched on Disney Junior in 2010, Chuggington now airs in more than 178 countries and is translated into 36 different languages. In the United States, the TV … Continue reading..

Divorcing a Narcissist By Lori J Loesch

April 22, 2015

My husband is a major NARCISSIST!  I have been hiding my misery for 26 years.  He calls me crazy, whore, slut, cunt, stimely, that’s my step, adopted dad’s name and he knows how much I hate that name, so tonight he called me lori stimely, over and over again, and many more, in front of our kids. And then he says I’m crazy?  Yes, because he has driven me to it.  Who can put up with this kind of abuse, day in and night out for 26 years, and not crack?  I haven’t cracked, I’ve gotten stronger.  He has great qualities, he’s a great business man, but when it comes to being a loving person, he falls short.  

Tonight I exploded, this is what you get after 26 years of being put down.  I MUST be the strongest woman in the world to have survived him, his, brother, and our son,  (3 narcissists).  He again said I was nothing, He said ” she thinks she’s some great writer, she’s nothing.”  Now you don’t have to wonder why I have low self esteem.

If I can say one thing to young people today, especially sexually abused ones is, to never get … Continue reading..

Guest Blog Post: The MisEducation of Progress by Mykal White

April 22, 2015

mykalheadshotAs parents, you’d think we would learn from the past. By now, and with the billions of other parents who’ve gone through the business of raising children, you’d think we would be better able to recognize the writing on the wall – especially considering how long it’s been there.

In each of us, there continues to be this inherent need to prove ourselves as parents. Whether it’s rooted in the desire to shatter the legacy of whatever it was our own parents created for us, or it’s merely because we’ve become entangled with the pressures of “getting it right” – we only manage to continue this tradition. I wonder why it is that we still pass a torch when we live at the time of the light switch?

Parenting is a process designed to be about as perfect as life, itself. Our children don’t arrive into this world as blank pages of their own story, but as pages added to a book already incredibly thick with content. Planned or not, our lives as parents begin with the interruption of a life that was already in progress, a story still being written, and very much unfinished. Children find us at the … Continue reading..

Mom Theater Blogger: It Shoulda Been You: Show Review by Robin Gorman Newman

April 21, 2015

It Shoulda Been You Brooks Atkinson TheatreFor all the Jewish mommas out there, this one’s for you! For all the son-loving mommas out there, this one’s for you!  For all the ‘big-boned” single gals seeking a mensch, this one’s for you! 

And, most of all….for all the theatregoers who love a big laugh, this one’s for you!

This show is worth the price of the ticket, if for no other reason, than to see Tony and Emmy-Award winner Tyne Daly and Tony Award-winner Harriet Harris hoof (just a tad) and yuck it up (big time) in this sitcom-y, yet highly entertaining new Broadway musical comedy.  

Deftly directly by David Hyde Pierce in his Broadway directorial debut, Pierce knows a thing or two about delivering a punchline, as do Harris and Daly, who deliver some of the most delicious zingers.  But the talent doesn’t stop there. 

With an original book & lyrics by Brian Hargrove and music by Barbara Anselmi, It Shoulda Been You takes us on a door-slamming circus ride of a wedding as two night ‘n day families attempt to unite.  Doubts are shared, barbs are exchanged, promises are broken, pretenses are uncovered, and emotions are bared.  It’s got both humor and heart, and an … Continue reading..

Mom Theatre Blogger: New York Spring Spectacular: Family Show Review by Robin Gorman Newman

April 21, 2015

NYSS_logo_20141013-FINAL-K-Chase C2

The New York Spring Spectacular, created by a Tony and Drama Desk Award-winning team for Radio City Music Hall, is inspired by the magic of spring, set against a musical celebration about the energy, places, people, passion and promise that make New York a one of a kind destination.

This all-new show at Radio City Music Hall, featuring state-of-the-art technology and dance numbers performed by the legendary Rockettes, is like a flashy love letter to NY, with a tug at your heartstrings plot.  The audience meets Bernie, an older gentleman who has been giving old fashioned tours of New York for decades, but his company was just bought by Jenna (Laura Benanti), a bottomline-focused techie with plans to fire Bernie and turn his tours virtual.  Enter Jack (Derek Hough), an angel seeking his wings, who can earn them if he helps Bernie retain his job.  Think It’s a Wonderful Life meets a modern day New York.  Bernie takes Jenna — and the audience– on the tour of a lifetime, from the Statue of Liberty to Central Park to the Metropolitan Museum of Art, in an attempt to prove his worth. By the last stop of this whirlwind adventure, these three … Continue reading..

Mom Theatre Blogger: The Unexpected Guest: Show Review by Robin Gorman Newman

April 20, 2015

UnexpectedGuest008_RoseggTheater Breaking Through Barriers (TBTB) launches its 2015 season with a revival of Agatha Christie’s rarely seen 1958 thriller THE UNEXPECTED GUEST, at Theatre Row’s Clurman Theatre (410 West 42nd Street) in Manhattan.

In THE UNEXPECTED GUEST, directed by Victoria Rauch Lichterman, a lost man, Michael Starkwedder, stumbles into a house on a dense, fog-ridden night, only to walk in on a murder scene at the regal country estate.  Perched against a darkened wall is Laura Warwick, with a steely glare and revolver in her hand, facing her now deceased husband slumped over in his wheelchair, with a bullet in his head.

From there, a detailed plan is contrived in an attempt to take the onus off Laura, who Michael admires and aspires to help.  We’re not quite sure why he’s so quick to defend her, unless his seeming lust ultimately gets the better of him, but the plot jumps off from there.  The long and detailed set-up at times grows wearisome in Act I, but in Act II, you are riveted to your seat attempting to figure out the “who done it.”

The uniformly strong cast features company core members and newcomers to TBTB, including Scott Barton, Melanie Boland, … Continue reading..

Mom Theatre Blogger: FINDING NEVERLAND: Show Review by Robin Gorman Newman

April 19, 2015

Starring Tony Award® nominee Matthew Morrison (“Glee,” South Pacific), Emmy® winner Kelsey Grammer (“Frasier,” La Cage aux Folles), Olivier Award-winner Laura Michelle Kelly (Mary Poppins), and based on the Academy Award® winning Miramax motion picture by the same name, Finding Neverland follows playwright J.M. Barrie, author of Peter Pan, as he struggles to grow into his destiny as a man, both personally and professionally.

Directed by Tony Award® winner Diane Paulus (Pippin, Hair), with music and lyrics by Gary Barlow (Take That) and Grammy® winner Eliot Kennedy, book by Olivier Award nominee James Graham, and choreography by Emmy Award®-winner Mia Michaels (“So You Think You Can Dance,” Cirque du Soleil’s Delirium), Finding Neverland is at times a fantastical feat for the eyes, though it takes some time to take flight. 

Finding Neverland features an impressive cast led by Matthew Morrison (“Glee,” South Pacific), Kelsey Grammer (“Frasier,” La Cage aux Folles), Laura Michelle Kelly (Mary Poppins) and Carolee Carmello (Parade), with Teal Wicks, Alex Dreier, Aidan Gemme, Jackson Demott Hill, Noah Hinsdale, Sawyer Nunes, Christopher Paul Richards, Hayden Signoretti with Courtney Balan, Dana Costello, Colin Cunliffe, Rory Donovan, Chris Dwan, Kevin Kern, Josh Lamon, Melanie Moore, Mary Page Nance, Fred Odgaard, … Continue reading..