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The Raising of the Soft and Entitled… aka the Millennials…. By Vicky Dal Molin

July 21, 2015

It hit me recently that I have been playing into what I have come to realize has become a generation of parents who just don’t parent anymore. Where and when did having to actually parent disappear?

It’s a Saturday afternoon and my almost 3 year old decides to start arguing with me when he’s told to stop doing something. I actually entertained the discussion – I allowed him to have a conversation trying to negotiate his behavior and the extent that he could continue to act up. Trying to rationalize with a toddler…. You would think I was smart enough to see that wasn’t going to be effective.

Then it was like a smack across my face (yep took 2 years and 11 months!)….. how on earth did I become one of those people not really parenting our children anymore? When did this become a democracy? That it become ok to let my son feel he can justify his misbehavior acceptable in our home? I suspect in part it has to do with the judgment and pressure we get from society to not really discipline anymore. It’s not PC to spank a kid on the wrist, to single them out … Continue reading..

Princess Phooey at TADA! Youth Theater: Kids Show Review by Kirsten Augestad

July 18, 2015

princess phooeyThe Perfect Message! TADA! Youth Theater’s musical revival of Princess Phooey hit just the right notes with a delightful tone and message. From the moment you walk into the theater until the very last scene, the excitement can be felt by the Ensemble as well as the audience.

Coined as a ‘musical fairy tale like no other’, Ermangarde (Princess Phooey) is a Princess who does not want to play by the rules. When her mother and father go away, her sister Elessia is put in charge. She takes it upon herself to teach Ermangarde how to be a proper Princess because, so far, Ermangarde is proving to be anything but a proper royal. However, it is clear Ermangarde does not place the same importance on how to look and act pretty as her sister does. Morbidia, the ‘black sheep’ of the Good Fairies, is also in agreement that such importance should not be placed on the superficialities of life and that it is very important to be true to yourself and be who you need to be.

Ermangarde also likes to keep the company of chambermaids and stable boys, proving that it is perfectly fine to interact with people of … Continue reading..

Getting Carded at 53 by Sharon O’Donnell

July 18, 2015

This past week, I went to Target with my soon-to-be 15-year-old son to buy the new Batman video game. The game is rated ‘mature’, so my son gave me his money so I could purchase it since he is under 18. When I handed the cashier — a guy who was probably in his early twenties — the money, he said, “Could I see some ID please?”  I was confused because I thought he was asking my son for his ID.

I told the cashier, “I’m the one buying it.”

“Yes, I know,” he replied. “But I need to see your ID.”

I glanced at him and asked, “Seriously?”

“You have to be over 18 to buy it.”

I narrowed my eyes at him, as if to tell him to stop playing with me or patronizing me or whatever he was doing. “Come on,” I said.

“We have to make sure you are over 18.”

Ok, I would have been flattered had it not been so outrageously obvious that I was definitely over 18. If I had to have been over 40 and he was carding me, then THAT would have been flattering because 40 was a hell of a … Continue reading..

Guest Blog Post & Book Giveaway: Parenting and LIfe in the Fast Lane by Erik R. Robertson

July 18, 2015

erikrobertsonI once had a female colleague who had her first baby when she was 40. Needless to say, she had been inundated with well meant advice and more so, with people’s fears related to her age. You know what she told me? ‘’Erik, tell everyone out there it was/is no problem!’’.

So, I am happy to share that with all you moms (to be) out there. Of course, we all know, that motherhood (at any age) is full of ups-and-downs, and comes with its own unique blessings and challenges.

In my opinion, many challenges can be met by staying aware and conscious. Aware of your thoughts, your breathing or lack of it! Focus on staying grounded. Babies and children watch our every move, and if our thoughts, deeds and words are not in harmony, they notice and they (usually) respond in the only manner that they know: by acting out and displaying behavior that we often tend to classify as ‘’problem behavior’’.  So it is always really important to look in the mirror first, before ‘’fixing’’ something out there (with them) rather than seeing what they are mirroring.

Furthermore, parenting (and life) is all about Love! Love is all about … Continue reading..

39 STEPS — SHOW TICKET GIVEAWAY from MotherhoodLater.com

July 16, 2015

39stepsny 2015 800x571-1

The Tony® Winning Hit Comedy

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39 STEPS is a comedic spoof of the classic 1935 film, with only 4 ‘insanely talented’ actors portraying more than 150 characters, sometimes changing roles in the blink of an eye.

The brilliantly madcap story follows our dashing hero Richard Hannay as he races to solve the mystery of 39 Steps, all the while trying to clear his name! The show’s uproarious fast-paced 100 minutes promises to leave you gasping for breath… in a good way!

It’s great fun for everyone from ages 9 to 99.
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Things You Need to Know About Parenting In the USA (When You’re an Aussie) – By Vicky Dal Molin

July 14, 2015

So I came across quite an amusing article today titled 15 Things You Need To Know About Parenting in Australia by Jenna Gallina**. It brought me back and reminded me exactly how fabulous growing up in Australia really was. Which made me think…. If it that much different here in the USA? And what list would I write as someone parenting in the United States? So that’s todays topic for me. Let’s see really how different (if at all) at least for some of them.

  1. Tomato sauce goes with everything.  Ketchup anyone. Apparently this is a universal rule across the globe. Kids love to drown everything in the stuff. I saw some kid the other day at the Bronx Zoo eat only ketchup. I keep Tomato Sauce in the fridge though…. Everyone refuses to eat it an I’m a-ok with that. More for me!
  2. The perfect Christmas for the kids involves a beach, a BBQ and a body board. It cracks me up at how people cannot get their heads around the idea of a warm Xmas. For me it’s all about BBQing and trips to the beach. I tried that here one year….. it was a fail. So
Continue reading..

Guest Blog Post: Book Excerpt: Coming Out of Cage: Journey of a Tiger Mom by E. Way

July 7, 2015


“The fear of failure which drove me to success also shaped my expectations for my children to be excellent at schools. The eight specific mistakes that I made in raising them could have been avoided had I realized how much a Tiger Mom I was and had I found out what drove me to be a Tiger Mom sooner.”

Mistake #1: Expecting My Children to Perform Equally Well Despite Their Differences
I assumed whatever was good for my son would also be just as good for my daughter. Without considering their differences in age, capabilities, interests, and personalities, I often signed up both children for the same activities and programs. My inconsiderateness of their differences, and unrealistic expectation to hold them to the same level of performance, often made my daughter feel inadequate and insecure.

Mistake #2: Comparing My Children to Each Other
I was also wrong to compare my children to each other, consciously and subconsciously. Not only did I promote sibling rivalry between them, I also helped to condition them in the roles they should play. While my son was expected to play the role of the big brother and continually take the lead … Continue reading..

HAPPY 50ISH — SHOW TICKET GIVEAWAY — from MotherhoodLater.com

July 6, 2015


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