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5 Things I Would Have Done Differently When I Was a Teacher by Pamela Francis

April 26, 2016

“Spring Break”, as we call it now that it somehow violates people’s religious rights to refer to this time as “Easter vacation”, is over, and tempers on teachers are at a fever pitch. If you are a student you can be sure you are “whip and nae-naeing” all over your teachers’ last nerves.

Teachers love students. From about September first to Halloween. Then all bets are off. I know. I taught elementary school in the rural south for three years. Not 10, not 13, not 20… 3. And as much as we feel unbounded admiration and respect for the mostly women and some men who can proudly say, “I’ve been teaching for ten”, “thirteen”, “twenty” years, many of us know: that may have been about seven, ten or seventeen years too long. Teaching is hard, and today’s students with their know-it-all tech savvy bravado and children’s rights hyper-awareness can make the job a torment, especially in the days leading up to the last day of school.

By Valentine’s Day kids think they know us real good, and they are super relaxed about everything from arriving late to class, to testing the waters by calling us by our first names. For … Continue reading..


April 21, 2016

tuckeblstbannerPonder these intriguing questions…..
*What is there to live for if you know you’re gonna live forever?
*Is living for eternity serving a life sentence?

Consider these stirring sentiments…..
*Don’t fear death.  Be afraid of a life not lived.
*Life, even if infinite, must have life in it.

Tuck Everlasting: The Musical conjures up these compelling thoughts and more in the sweeping new Broadway musical that brings to life the best-selling, award-winning, much-beloved, young adult novel by Natalie Babbitt.

In this fantastically treasured tale, we meet likeable 11 year old Winnie Foster who has lost her father and lives with her mother and nana, who keep a tight leash on her.  Her BFF is a toad — who lends welcome laughs and leaps — until she breaks loose from the confines of her own front yard and stumbles upon Jesse Tuck, a 17 year old boy frozen in time (he’s really 104), who, along with his immortal family, decades ago drank magical water from the woods near Winnie’s home to later learn it cast an eternal spell and they will live forever.  Because of their secret, they live a lonely, clandestine life, including the parents going for years not seeing … Continue reading..

GUEST BLOG POST Raising Resilient Kids: Tips from a Navy SEAL by Eric Davis

April 20, 2016

Eric head gallery 2014-04-25 10.04.23-2As a former Navy SEAL, I don’t think twice about tying my kids’ hands behind their backs and binding their feet together before I toss them into the pool, an exercise called “Drown Proofing” that I learned in training. I completely understand that some parents find this type of activity to be shocking or extreme, but I prefer to think of it as exceptional. And don’t we want to raise exceptional kids?

ericRaising Men Cover FinalIn my book Raising Men: Lessons Navy SEALs Learned from Their Training and Taught to Their Sons, I talk about the difference between Useless Movement and True Action. Useless Movement is effort. True Action is effort, but with a meaningful objective. Drown Proofing has a meaningful objective—to develop high levels of confidence. Most of the parenting activities that my wife, Belisa, and I spent a bulk of our time doing– shuttle our kids to and from—soccer, swim, piano lessons, youth group, Girl Scouts, play dates, you name it—fell into the former category: Useless Movement. Sure, the girls were having fun and learning a thing or two about sportsmanship and being a team player, but they weren’t developing the traits that we, as their parents, wanted to instill … Continue reading..

Lonely in LA….and lovin’ it! by Wendy Sue Noah

April 20, 2016

wendysuenoahheadshotOh, how I love paradoxes, and how they help me and others step out of the “what’s normal” box. How can I be lonely and loving it, you ask? Good question!

First, a little background for you. I am a social butterfly. Literally! My 13-year old son, Zak, asked me in frustration last week, “Mom, why do you have to talk to everyone you run into?! You know you really don’t.” I pondered this for some time, which has become an ongoing practice for me, to reflect on my behavior and to be mindful of my own actions. Am I doing this because I am so lonely in my home office with no local friends or family? No, that was not the reason. I am doing this because I really love people and enjoy interacting with all kinds of people, which Los Angeles bestows upon me with tremendous diversity. It’s like a child in a candy store, as I can’t seem to get enough of friendly discourse and making connections!

Back to my contradictory title. I am lonely in LA. As a single mom of a tribe of five (yes, I’ve got my hands full, literally), I am basically either … Continue reading..


April 19, 2016



The Musical

Based on the novel Tuck Everlasting by Natalie Babbitt
Book by Claudia Shear & Tim Federle
Music by Chris Miller
Lyrics by Nathan Tysen
Directed & Choreographed by Casey Nicholaw



$89* Orchestra & Front Mezzanine Seats (Reg. $99 – $147)

Online: Click Here or visit and use code TEMHL412

By Phone: Call (212) 947-8844 and mention code TEMHL412

In Person: Visit the Broadhurst Theatre Box Office (235 W 44th St btwn Broadway & 8th Ave) and mention code TEMHL412


From Tony Award-winner Casey Nicholaw (Aladdin, The Book of Mormon, Something Rotten!) comes the breathtaking new musical Tuck Everlasting. Based on the best-selling, award-winning novel by Natalie Babbitt, the thrilling adventure of Winnie and the Tuck family is brought to life with world-class artistry and powerful storytelling in a sweeping production featuring a book by Tony Award nominee Claudia Shear (Dirty Blonde) & Tim Federle (Better Nate Than Ever), music by Chris Miller (The Burnt Part Boys) and lyrics by Nathan Tysen (The Burnt Part Boys). Take a journey you’ll never … Continue reading..

One More Game by Sharon O’Donnell

April 16, 2016

My middle son played high school basketball and baseball throughout his entire four years. He could have played college baseball, but the anxiety that he struggled with in high school made him lose his drive and passion for baseball — not his skill — he still made all-tourney teams and played well.  In college, he no longer played a competitive sport, and all that practice time went into studying. He is now a senior and will graduate in December with a degree in accounting from North Carolina State University with a 3.5 GPA or higher.

But I’ve missed watching him play baseball and basketball. He had been a terrific player on the JV high school basketball team, sometimes scoring 20 plus points a game, and I loved to see the intensity with which he played the game. As a junior, he was basically a player who was inserted into the lineup when the team needed a three pointer, and he usually delivered – – but playing time was mostly for the seniors, which we understood. When he was a senior, he started out the first game (as pro player John Wall watched) with five of his teams first ten points … Continue reading..

MOM THEATRE BLOGGER: ONE FUNNY MOTHER: Show Review by Robin Gorman Newman

April 15, 2016

onefunnymotherThe title of Dena Blizzard’s new one woman Off Broadway show should be One HYSTERICAL Mother.

Blizzard, a stand up comedian and 40 something New Jersey married mom of three, lets it all hang out, and then some, as she dishes about motherhood, marriage, friendship and more.  I cannot think of the last time I laughed this hard and much and felt validated.

As we meet Blizzard (a pretty former Miss. New Jersey), she is cleaning up her on stage living/dining room, continually gathering and folding laundry and collecting toys, as she stumbles upon her liquor stash in various locations, including a small bottle stuffed in the couch and taped under a chair, and takes ongoing swigs.  She is warming up for a Girls Night Out and shares with candor and irreverence about how much marriage and kids change your life and can make it crazy.

No topic is off limit, including a story about her husband’s hibernation in their bedroom and what he did behind closed doors (you have to see the show to get the scoop).  This bit was off the charts riotous!

Even the non-scripted part of the show was a hoot.  She engaged a number of … Continue reading..

Guest Blog Post: OUT OF THE MOUTHS OF BABES by Dr. Ilene Val-Essen

April 13, 2016

ILENE BOOK FLAT 1#652439Did you ever see a geology display in a museum? You know the kind: you look at a seemingly ordinary, uninteresting rock, gray and drab. Then you shine an ultraviolet light on it. Suddenly, the rock transforms and glows with brilliant colors. Like these rocks, a child’s ordinary comment often reveals extraordinary insight, a depth of understanding that we might easily miss.

This blog, sharing parenting experiences, shines an ultraviolet light on a few of the unusual, confusing, and often challenging ways that our children express their “knowing.”

Physical Symptoms

Bodily complaints—such as stomachaches or headaches—may be the physical manifestation of a psychological concern. If we remain alert to this possibility, a child’s ailment may serve as a surface cue guiding us toward further exploration.

The doctor found no reason for my son’s recent stomachaches. I was especially worried because he rarely gets sick or complains. After a miserable week, I noticed one Saturday that Jeremy had returned to his animated self. Suddenly I thought: there’s no school today. Then I commented, “Jeremy, I’m so happy you’re feeling better, but I’m curious, do you think your tummy aches have anything to do with school?” Tears rolled down his eyes when Continue reading..