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Teaching Our Kids How Love Trumps Hate in the Trump Era by Wendy Sue Noah

February 20, 2017

noahchickI was planning to write this blog prior to the inauguration, but then allowed myself to be taken away on the chaotic ride of our new president. All of a sudden, I was literally speechless (which is very unusual for verbal me). Tears formed in my eyes on a regular basis and my heart ached, as I tried to continue to live my life as “normal”. But there is nothing normal about what is going on today. And I’m not talking about politics. I am talking about basic human rights and decency. I’m specifically talking about how love trumps hate.

So I am back intact, and ready to discuss the special care we need to share with our children. The good news is that we have the right circumstances to discuss what is important, which is to love and accept one another, differences and all. The not-so-good news is that the new president of this great country is not practicing love and acceptance. And due to this discord, hate crimes have risen at an exponential rate (for more details, please go: And due to this discord, people are coming together more than ever before, to support one another, differences … Continue reading..

Foil Hearts by Andrea Santo Felcone

February 14, 2017

foil hearts

So, I’ll admit, I was stumped. Every day I make my youngest son’s sandwich, wrap it in foil–send it off in his lunch bag. And every day, my six-year-old eats his sandwich, twists the foil into these odd shapes, and sends it back in his lunch bag. This went on for a bit of time, when it finally dawns on me (and the shapes got clearer) what the shapes actually are. They are HEARTS. And when I ask him about the foil hearts, he tells me that every day he finishes his sandwich and makes a foil heart for me. So, today, I’m sharing the foil hearts with you. Because like it or not, it’s Valentine’s Day–a day dedicated to hearts. But I think it’s more than that. I think my six-year-old has it right, it seems this world could use a little more love and compassion, and these foil hearts have started me thinking.

I’m thinking about the logistics of this: Picture if you will, an average elementary school lunchroom, where every Monday through Friday, a six-year-old boy sits at his little lunch table twisting a foil heart for his mother. No one told him to do this. Take … Continue reading..

WATER ON MARS Show Review by Andrea Santo Felcone

February 13, 2017


On Friday, February 10, my husband and I enjoyed the pleasure of a date night spent at The New Victory Theater taking in the sights and sounds of a delightfully-unique juggling show–WATER ON MARS. In this show, The New Victory Theater is presenting its very first-ever all juggling show—but to say this is just juggling, is to underestimate the art, creativity, and humor of the performance.

In good form, I made sure to unwrap my lozenges before show time, intending not to disturb the concentration of the jugglers, once the show began. This concern seemed laughable when the show actually started. These three jugglers (“PLASTIC BOOM” as they are known collectively) Patrik Elmnert (SWE), Wes Peden (USA), and Tony Pezzo (USA) are award-winning jugglers—and easily proved they could (and would) juggle through any circumstance. Elmnert and Peden even hold the Guinness World Record for Most Club Passes Caught by a Duo Whilst Juggling (13 clubs and 26 catches). The show’s program indicates they once juggled while a man accidentally walked through their routine—and didn’t miss a beat.

Initially, my husband and I were intrigued by the “less is more” stage set-up. Against a sparse black backdrop, there were a … Continue reading..


February 11, 2017

bubblefangOn February 12th, an off-Broadway classic, the Gazillion Bubble Show, celebrated its 10th year of entertaining kids of all ages in New York City. Last week, my 9-year-old daughter and I were lucky enough to discover the magic of this unbubblievable show for ourselves, and we weren’t disappointed.

The performers of the show are all part of the Yang family, who have created a bubble dynasty founded by Fan Yang—the world’s foremost bubble master. The Yangs have developed their own bubble solution formulas which allow them to create the most amazing bubble creations. Our entertainer and artist for the show was Fan Yang’s son, Deni Yang, who has been performing since the age of 4, and whose infectious enthusiasm for the art of bubble making immediately won us—and the entire audience—over. Not only did Fan use his fingers as bubble wands, but he created bubbles inside of bubbles, colored bubbles, smoke filled bubbles, square bubbles, and even a bubble that engulfed 6 children from the audience all at the same time.

One of my favorite parts of the show occurred when Fan pulled a little girl from the audience onto the stage and told her (and the … Continue reading..

The Gift of Failure: How the Best Parents Learn to Let Go So Their Children Can Succeed by Jessica Lahey (Book Excerpt)

February 10, 2017


Once your child is in middle and high school and those executive function skills have started to kick in, it’s time to remove your- self from your child’s homework duties. Around the beginning of middle school, when research shows that homework begins to have an academic benefit, homework takes on increasing academic relevance. Homework, when carefully planned and prepared, is not busywork. Quality homework shores up knowledge that has already been encoded, and pushes students to apply that knowledge to new contexts. This final aspect of learning, in which students create answers rather than merely recalling them, is called generative learning. Homework that promotes generative learning offers students opportunities to play with skills, exercise some trial and error, and create their own answers. While generative learning is vital to mastery, it is also hard. Generative learning does not come easily, and when this valuable and precious kind of learning is going on, expect to see some blood, sweat, and tears. It won’t look like elementary school homework, in which answers fit tidily in squares preprinted on math worksheets. Generative learning, when done right, should travel outside the lines, disregard boundaries of subject matter, … Continue reading..

THE IMPORTANCE OF BEING LITTLE by Erika Christakis (Book Excerpt)

February 8, 2017

From THE IMPORTANCE OF BEING LITTLE by ERIKA CHRISTAKIS, to be published on February 7, 2017 by Penguin Books, an imprint of Penguin Publishing Group, a division of Penguin Random House LLC. Copyright © Erika Christakis, 2017.


Importance of Being Little TPPARENTAL ATTACHMENT

Does parenting matter? Studies of identical twins raised apart seemed to put a damper on the idea that what we do for our children has much effect. Nonetheless, there is a lot of evidence that parents have a much bigger impact on their preschool-aged children than teachers do, and that pro- grams to support good parenting practices in vulnerable families pay off in the long run, especially in the early years. Some researchers estimate that as much as one third of the parenting gap we find between poor-quality and high-quality parenting could be closed by better support to families,27 which is at least equal to the fraction of the gap that could be closed by changes in preschools, as we saw earlier.

Too often, our perceptions and our policies treat children as if they exist in a vacuum. Political liberals are often loath to ask parents to take any responsibility for child-rearing choices because it appears to be a form … Continue reading..

The Struggle is Real by Elizabeth Dodson

February 7, 2017

I’ve been struggling with blogging. I’ve been struggling with mommying. I’ve been struggling with adulting.

I’ve been struggling with figuring out exactly what I’m struggling with.

And then last night, in the middle of a rare moment of peaceful sleep from my daughter, where I could have been sleeping comfortably tucked into my own contorted sleep position of choice- I read this article:

This is exactly what I’ve been struggling with!  I’m struggling with my ideals not fitting into the society in which I live.

When I planned to become a mom, I never planned to be a “stay at home mom.”  I didn’t want to lose myself. I thought I’d be bored staying at home with a baby/child!  But once I held my baby in my arms my life changed, my view of the world changed.  I realized leaving to work outside of the home was not what I wanted. I realized there is no dull moment in parenting. And I realized I would make every personal sacrifice necessary in order to be able to stay at home and stay with my daughter.

For several months, this decision was easy.  I didn’t have any regrets, and I didn’t … Continue reading..

Playdates at the Magician’s House By Andrea Santo Felcone

February 6, 2017

Magician's Hat

Sometimes it takes a new perspective on something to see it in a different light. Like, say, when every Halloween a guy living in your neighborhood gets on these gigantic wooden stilts and scares the pants off your kids–so much so, they can’t cross the street to trick-or-treat at the stilt-walker’s house. So, you avoid the stilt-walker. You continue on your way. But then, a year or so later, you find yourself enjoying an impromptu Halloween party at the stilt-walker’s house. How did this happen? You are now “BEHIND THE STILTS” and it is so entirely different than you thought it would be. Nothing scary. Actually, it’s pretty entertaining. As it turns out, the stilt-walker guy is the Dad of a new friend of your youngest, and his wife has invited you and your son to go trick-or-treating and then back inside for pizza. So, although I am not someone who has had the perspective of life on top of stilts, I can share that behind the stilts it’s all fun and games and food and warmth. It’s an entirely different experience than it was in front of the stilts—and it’s a pleasant surprise.

I’ll admit I initially thought the … Continue reading..