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GUEST BLOG POST: Mommy, Your Head is Wrong! by Diane Stark (book excerpt from Chicken Soup for the Soul; the joy of less)

May 31, 2016

While we try to teach our children all about life, our children teach us what life is all about.

~Angela Schwindt

dianestarkkidsphotoIt was a busy day, but as a single mom with a full-time job and two young children to care for, this was nothing unusual. I had just gotten home from my job as an elementary school teacher and I had less than thirty minutes to feed the kids and shuttle them to their afterschool activities.

Both of my children were sitting at the table, not so patiently waiting for dinner to be served. The kids had been bickering since I’d picked them up from daycare, and I was feeling a bit irritable from refereeing.

I was dashing back and forth from the kitchen to the dining room, ferrying bowls of food on each trip. As I leaned over my three-year-old daughter to place a bowl of green beans on the table, I realized that she was staring at me.

“What’s wrong, Julia?” I asked. “Are you okay?”

She shook her head, eyes wide, and continued to stare at my face. I reached for a paper napkin, assuming the spaghetti sauce had splattered on me. But before I could … Continue reading..

GUEST BLOG POST: The Art of Blissful Parenting by Sharon Ballantine

May 25, 2016

Sharon author photoHave you ever noticed how things flow in your life when you’re feeling good and how they don’t flow when you feel stressed or are engaging in any negative emotion? Feeling good is your key to being in the flow and for manifesting what you want. This means tapping into your Internal Guidance System. Unless your wellbeing is allowed, you don’t have access to your best and highest decision making capabilities. This is as true for our parenting as it is in any subject of our lives. This means we must make it a practice to nurture our wellbeing and tap into our internal selves while living life with the kids.

I didn’t learn to parent in one fell swoop. It was a process.  This process continues even though my three kids are grown and out in the world creating their own great lives. In the early years, not unlike many parents with young kids, the thought of guiding three innocent lives in the ways of the world terrified me. What was I to do? Would loving them be enough?

I decided the experts would know and off to the bookstore I went. I bought an armload of books on … Continue reading..

Grandparents and Politics by Maureen Eich VanWalleghan

May 21, 2016

It’s Saturday morning and I am reading, reading on my iPhone. My daughter is relaxing. I’ve written little here because I have had little to say, particularly on Wednesdays, the day I thought I could write unencumbered. This morning I realized I have things to say on Saturday and that I should go back to blogging on Saturdays. My brain has digested and regurgitated so much for the week that by Saturday I can pound out a blog post in an hour or two.

Today my reading started from an article on clothing recycling: “The Truth About Your Clothing Donations” that I sent to myself late last night from a brief surfing on Facebook. At the end of the article were more related articles on the topic at the BBC, NPR, and The Atlantic. [In all of the articles, a bigger analysis of why we have too much clothing was never really explored only that cheap clothing is increasing and impacting the world and landfills.] I finished all those articles and then I did my usual surfing on each site to see if any headlines grabbed my attention. I read a few things, but the piece that got me thinking … Continue reading..

GUEST BLOG POST: Been there, done that. Now I have two kids. by Zoe Richmond

May 19, 2016

Version 2The Music and Arts Festival Coachella was recently held.  It is a three-day music festival in the Coachella Valley, near Palm Springs, California. Headliners included acts like Guns n’ Roses, LCD Soundsystem and Calvin Harris.

Earlier in the year, my friend was trying to convince me to go.  “No. And hell no, but thanks.”  My 10 pm bedtime and comfortable bed is no match for chugging warm over-priced beer and crashing on a couch.

My friend and I already had that experience.  In 2004, we cracked open our rolodexes in order to go.  A friend of a friend of a friend had parents with a house in the area.  I used all my airline points for a flight.  I even called up an ex-boyfriend to get VIP passes.   We had a blast.  I got to see some of my favorite bands, The Pixies, Radiohead, and The Cure.

The great thing about having those  “once in a lifetime” experiences when you are young is that you don’t yearn for them when you are older.

Unlike some in my social circle, I waited before having children.

Sure, I am still dealing with toddlers, when some of my friends have teenagers.  My husband’s … Continue reading..

MOM THEATRE BLOGGER: AMERICAN PSYCHO: Broadway Musical Review by Robin Gorman Newman

May 18, 2016

Photo: Jeremy Daniel

Photo by Jeremy Daniel

Sex.  Drugs. Rock ‘n Roll.  And, throw blood ‘n guts into the mix, and there you have AMERICAN PSYCHO.

But, it’s much more… a glossy, gory, garish…ultimately good way.

Slickly packaged and based on the bestselling cult novel by Brett Easton Ellis, later made into a star vehicle film with Christian Bale, AMERICAN PSYCHO stars Benjamin Walker as Patrick Bateman, a Wall Street 26 year old on the cusp of 27, who lives a life of entitlement and has murderous disdain for many in his life including a bum on the street who all too willingly gropes at the chance to accept cash strewn at him.

Set in the capitalistic 80s, Bateman and his Barney’s fashion clad friends frequent clubs, sun bathe in the Hamptons, dine in swanky NYC hotspots, snort coke, screw each other in a multitude of lewd ways/positions (literally) and compete….to the point of scoring who has the better business card….and throwing a tantrum when they don’t win at their professional game.  The good life (or death) comes all too easy, and at what price?  By day, Bateman is swimming in dough, and by night, he’s seemingly covered in blood as a … Continue reading..

MOM THEATRE BLOGGER: Daphne’s Dive: Show Review by Robin Gorman Newman

May 18, 2016

Photo by Joan Marcus

Photo by Joan Marcus

I’m a long time fan of Daphne Rubin-Vega, since her Broadway debut rockstar performance in the legendary musical Rent.  So, when I heard she was in Daphne’s Dive (no relation to Vega herself), it became a must see.  Added to the impressive roster of this show is Thomas Kail, director, Hamilton, and the Pulitzer Prize-winner playwright Quiara Alegria Hudes who penned the book for Lin-Manuel Miranda’s first Broadway musical In The Heights.

Rubin-Vega, as the showy married sister of Daphne, never ceases to hold your attention, with charisma and rhythm to spare, in this drama where unlikely bar buddies connect over cheap booze and broken dreams….or in the chase of them.

We meet an aging motorcyclist, a garbage-collecting struggling artist, a hungry politician and his glam wife, a performance artist/exhibitionist/demonstrator, a young adoptee from a bad home, all of whom congregate under the seedy roof and open arms of a bar owner. Attempting to heal her scars, both physically and emotionally, via an ever-present aloe vera plant and the adoption of Ruby, Daphne is the single Puerto Rican bar den keeper and the North Philly neighborhood saviour of lost souls.

Hudes is adept at writing characters … Continue reading..


May 18, 2016

Big Apple Circus photo fiveThe Big Apple Circus has been long regarded as one of the classiest circuses around. Its latest production, The Grand Tour, marks the company’s 38th season, and gives audiences many reasons to continue such praise. The show is much more than sawdust and popcorn. It’s a dazzling display of live music, acrobatics, juggling, dancing, animal tricks and clowning, set to a backdrop of the Roaring ‘20s, at the advent of the modern transportation era, when travelers ventured across the globe via ship, train, automobile and plane.

There’s lots to be dazzled by, for children and adults alike, in this intimate setting where all seats are less than 50 feet from the ring. Directed by Mark Lonergan (artistic director of Parallel Exit, the three-time Drama Desk Award-nominated physical theater company) and conceived and created by clown performer Joel Jeske, The Grand Tour makes one feel as much under the big top as under the dazzling lights of Broadway. Before any feats are even performed, our attention is directed to the original music played by a live seven-piece band (conceived and arranged by David Bandman, Peter Bufano and Jeffrey W. Holmes), followed by the company dancing in unison to the … Continue reading..

The Sleep (Apnea) Saga Continues by Robin Gorman Newman

May 18, 2016

Last night I received a call from a mom I know through  She had read my initial blog post on my sleep apnea, and  it resonated.  She was diagnosed with severe sleep apnea two years ago and had yet to treat it.

When I asked why, she said that other things in life had taken her time and attention, and she now feared it had gotten worse.  She was going to see her doctor the next day and anticipated he would order a follow-up sleep test to the one she originally had.  It would determine where she’s at now and how best to proceed.  Her husband has sleep apnea as well and is on mask #8 or so, in his quest to find the one he can best live with.

She had been less than thrilled with the experience of her first sleep test at a medical facility, and I suggested she ask her doctor about doing one at home.  It’s hard enough to sleep attached to equipment knowing your every move is being monitored, so at least if you can do it in your own bed, you have that comfort level.  It doesn’t provide quite as much information, … Continue reading..