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There’s no place like home…. By Vicky Dal Molin

September 16, 2014

My last post was all about time management (or seeming lack thereof in my life these days). So what happens when you take that time-poor existence and then try and transport it with a 2 year old half way around the world?

Well effectively more poor time management but what I think was the trip of a lifetime for us both and certainly a learning experience for myself. So Aussie Mum and her American Kid head off to Australia a couple of weeks ago. Just the 2 of us. Aussie Mum will admit she was completely terrified of traveling alone with overly rambunctious and prone to way too many tantrum child on the cusp of this 2 year birthday. I should have been terrified…. Traveling with a child is truly a new level of difficult and uncomfortable – but I will tackle topic another time. Today – it’s about “coming home”. (queue sappy music and tissues).

It had been 19 months since I had trekked to Australia with then a 4 month old quiet little angel (I say that now…. maybe wasn’t saying that during that long journey back then). And I admit between feelings of terror about the trip … Continue reading..

Tick Tick Tick…. Where does time go? By Vicky Dal Molin

September 9, 2014

So it’s been quite a while since I last wrote and for that I feel extremely slack and take full responsibility for. I just cannot believe how much time has passed by without me realizing. I kept putting off and putting off finishing my blog each week and now we are here….. dare I admit it a couple of months later and only finding time now to sit and start to finish many a half completed post.

When I was single and living in Manhattan I used to feel I had no time…. Yet I always managed to do what I wanted when I wanted. Time was found. Since the birth of my son it’s no doubt priorities have rightfully shifted – but I never appreciated how little time there is. Days have become weeks have become months.

Completely understand now why so many businesses have been established coaching in time management. You know I even purchased a book on being a more organized mum. I bought it convinced I would be able to squeeze a few hours a week to read it. I haven’t even taken it out of the Amazon box it arrived in. Next weekend right?

So … Continue reading..

Words Like: Big and Mansion, are Relative terms By: Lori Loesch

September 4, 2014


The soap dish was laying on the tiled bathroom floor, far away from the bathtub, where it was last night.  My first thought was;  how did it get over there?  Next thought;  I’m glad I purchased the rubber one.  I have learned to be practical, and more realistic, in living my life.  

I can afford the fancier soap dishes, and I have in the past.  When we moved into our “Dream Home”, fancier soap dishes were in order.  Seven years later…Boy, I’m glad you can buy rubber soap dishes, these days.  No broken pieces of ceramic on the floor.  

Let’s talk furniture, I suppose we can afford new living room furniture, we desperately need new furniture.  It’s been seven years…and again, I think back to the “Dream Home”.  We couldn’t, wouldn’t, put the old black leather, living room furniture, with the whitish, cat claw marks down the arms and backside, into the dream, living room.  That just wouldn’t do, so we bought new.  Oh, how I fussed to keep the new couch clean.  Fast forward seven years, we added life and a new puppy!  A small German Shepherd puppy, that will someday soon, turn into a big dog.   We … Continue reading..

Guest Blog Post: Broken Glass by Linda Beeson Rosendale

September 2, 2014

lindabloggerMy house is, and has always been, boy proof. And by “boy proof” I mean; there is nothing that I’m really concerned about them breaking, nothing down where they can: touch it, kick it, use ninja stealth mode on it, throw pillows or toys or whatever else “accidently” at it, or otherwise destroy it, easily. I do have a collection of angels, and other assorted “pretties” on our mantle, but normally those are out of the danger zone. My china cabinet is downstairs, in our guest room/office; my porcelain doll collection is boxed up. That’s just the way I roll.

My first son wasn’t allowed in the room where the “pretties” were kept, mainly out of concern for him. I made the decision, once my twins came along, that I had neither the time, inclination, nor the desire, to remain on alert for flying bodies or objects. If you have boys, you’ll understand. And no, I’m not lazy…just realistic. I have some assorted inexpensive things sitting around at foot/knee/flailing arms level. If they were to break any of them, I’d be peeved, but not really that upset. And they haven’t yet.

My mom’s view on things was different; not better, … Continue reading..

Calm Before the Storm by Sharon O’Donnell

August 30, 2014

The last post I made was right after our relaxing vacation to the coast of Maine and Boston.  When I got back, I was all set for 1. getting my 8th grader back into his year-round school routine and tackling that Algebra 2. taking my oldest son to the University of Virginia for the beginning of accounting grad school, 3.  getting my middle son moved into his house with his friends, ready to start his junior year and 4. then finally getting back to spending some time on my writing.  Things seemed to be settling down, back to a routine.  My siblings and I had been taking care of my dad at night at my parents’ house since he fell and broke his shoulder in May.   Now he was much better, and we were not spending the night over there any more. Yes, things were settling down.

Of course, nothing goes as planned, does it?  As I’ve said before, whenever I feel that I can take a breath, something happens. We returned on a Tuesday, and on that Wednesday, my husband flew to Austin, Texas on business. It was that night while holding our beloved long-haired dachshund, Fenway, that I … Continue reading..

Different Struggles, feel the same By: Lori Loesch

August 29, 2014


I am a writer. I will write my thoughts on paper.  This does not mean that I feel what I have written, everyday.  I have great days, good, bad, the worst, days.  

I love to write and I feel like I could do cartwheels, ok, maybe just fairy leaps across the meadow, for this God given gift.  I blog for Motherhoodlaterthansooner.com, and for that, I am over joyed.  More fairy leaps!  Looking at the other woman that blog for MLTS, their accomplishments are such, that I feel as though I have arrived.  To be blogging next to these intelligent, woman is, for me, almost unbelievable.  How did I get here?  The only answer I have is, by the grace of God.  It’s not me.  God leads me where I go, and it has taken years to get to this point.  Wait on the Lord, comes to mind.  I do have this fear that someone may say, “Hey, you don’t belong here!”  And they will take this away from me.  Fear;  Is a lier.  

I remember what a friend had written in my Senior Year Book, “Maybe someday we’ll write a novel together.”  Ah ha! I have always wanted to … Continue reading..

GUEST BLOG POST: Cultivating Inventiveness by Julia Cameron, author, The Artist’s Way for Parents

August 29, 2014

artistswayparentsThe Artist’s Way for Parents: Cultivating Inventiveness – The Boredom Myth

*Excerpted with permission from The Artist’s Way for Parents by Julia Cameron. Copyright © 2013 by Julia Cameron.  Jeremy P. Tarcher; Penguin Group USA – A Penguin Random House Company. 



            The very act of creation might be defined as inventing something new, making something from nothing. Mining the daily realities of our lives for creative opportunities, we teach our children to do the same. We can find fun in unlikely places as we approach seemingly humdrum activities with joy and imagination. Dealing with boredom and menial tasks, we can actively choose to bring a sense of play. Exposing our children, in bite-sized increments, to the adult realities of money and cooking, we can peak their interest and help them to value– and enjoy–money earned and goals accomplished. Consciously digging deeper and setting an example of innovation, we learn– and teach– that within every activity, however simple, can lie inspiration.


The Boredom Myth

            “I’m bored,” our children complain, and the look in their eye completes the unspoken end of their sentence: “Fix it.”

            The idea that “boredom” is a stagnant state in and of itself is … Continue reading..

I’m not living. I’m just surviving. by Jean Marie Keenan-Johnston

August 24, 2014

These were words I read on a post on my home page, one of many posts I saw today among the different group pages to which I belong for chronic pain, cancer or various autoimmune disorders.  The strange thing is throughout the day I was trying to think about what I could blog about, and the thought that kept coming to mind was “Where do I get my strength?”  I asked myself this today especially because I’m feeling like I don’t have very much of it left after everything that has happened this past week.  

I started my week actually recovering from what was supposed to be my vacation.  The odds were already against me…my husband was unable to go with my girls and me because of how unwell our cat has been, worries that he would pass while we were gone and he would be in the care of somebody else, as well as a the stricter vacation budget we found ourselves dealing with after a summer of trying to manage his medical bills.  There just wasn’t extra money available this year to hire somebody to stay with our pets, so Hubby found himself staying home.  Getting into all … Continue reading..