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I Have Been a Hypocrite By: Lori J Loesch

December 17, 2014



I am a hypocrite.  I have been walking around like a poor little church mouse.  I am not a poor church mouse.  I was, and then God raised me up to be a wealthy woman.  I must share my story so that others will have Hope in God.  

I dropped off clothes at Goodwill.  I decided to go into the store and buy a dress for Faith and me.  The school Christmas Choir was that evening and we had just gotten back from a cruise in the Caribbean.  I had precious little time for running around town to look for a couple of dresses.  As I was waiting in line to pay for the five dresses I found, my son texted me to pick up some items for dinner.  His boyfriend and he were going to prepare dinner for the family.  

Later that night, after the concert, and while they were making dinner, I asked if they liked my Talbots dress?  Then as the humble bumble that I am, I said that I bought it at Goodwill.  Jules’ boyfriend said, “I know.”  I looked at him in a quizzical way, how?  He said that it was he that … Continue reading..


December 12, 2014

fitfit FitFit is a line of high performance Brazilian-made, Austin-based active apparel.

FitFit’s versatile and flattering leggings come in vibrant designs.  Created by yoga lover and entrepreneur Joy Torres in 2013, FitFit embodies the warm and vibrant colors of her native Brazilian culture. Now based in Austin, she hand picks each of the prints, which are created in limited quantity. All of the items can be ordered through the website: http://www.fitfitactive.com/.

These are so striking.  The fabric is silky, and the fit very sleek and comfortable.  If you want to stand out in the crowd at the gym, these rock!  You’ll also look hip wearing them with a big top, as you go about your day.

Product Details:

  • Stretch, Fade-Resistant & Breathable
  • Fast Drying ** essential when it comes to active wear.
  • Sizes XS-L; leggings, cropped pants, shorts, bras & tops



 100 Good Deeds Bracelets  are a unique ‘gift that gives back’. Available in a range of colors, the bracelets are both charitable and fashionable and have been spotted on the wrists of celebrity ambassadors including Alicia Keys, Katie Holmes, Susan Sarandon, Namoi Watts, Cyndi Lauper, and more.

Mary Fisher (artist, author, advocate) works … Continue reading..

UncommonGoods Holiday Gifts and Giveaway by Robin Gorman Newman

December 9, 2014

I recently learned of the website UncommonGoods, and am excited to share my cool discoveries with you.

Especially at this time of the year, when you are likely on the lookout for unique gifts for those on your list, it’s such a relief, so to speak, when you find the perfect items.

Look no further than UncommonGoods.

All prices….whether for babies, kids or adults……they feature a virtual wonderland of choices….and how fun to peruse the offerings.

It’s not typical that I feature a blog post dedicated to one website, but this one is so unique, that it warrants the solo coverage.

ugbirdbookendsI’m a book junkie.  I don’t have a Nook or Kindle, and refuse to go electronic, at this point, for my book reading.  I love to hold a book and make it my own.  That said, over the years, I’ve accumulated quite a wealth of titles.  And, my son, age 11, is getting there as well.   With the new year approaching, and with an ever-constant eye toward organization and decluttering my home, and especially home office, I stumbled upon a beautiful pair of metal books ends.  And, as a bird collector as well, these were totally up … Continue reading..

Mom Theatre Blogger: The Illusionists: Review by Robin Gorman Newman

December 6, 2014

Illusionists, The: ? Witness the Impossible Marquis TheatreIn a word….WOW!

The Illusionists – Witness The Impossible™ opened on Broadway Thursday, December 4 at the Marriott Marquis Theatre (1535 Broadway), and lives up to its name and more.  If you’re looking for fun, entertaining, glitzy, mystifying, unique family entertainment, look no further.

The two hour show features jaw-dropping talents of seven illusionists.  But, it’s more than just magic.  They adeptly engage the audience, and there’s a lot of laughter….pulling participants out of their seats – some eager — others caught off-guard but go along willingly.  Not only are they supreme illusionists, but some — Hobson, Trent and Sperry, particularly, excel at thinking on their feet and are quick-witted enough to engage in repartee with viewers of all ages….including a six year old boy who eagerly marched up on stage.


The seven stars, each a master in their own field, are:

• The Manipulator, Yu Ho-Jin. Considered a rising superstar in the world of magic; Yu Ho-Jin was recently named the 2014 “Magician of the Year,” by Academy of Magical Arts and was the first Asian to win the Grand Prix at the Fédération Internationale des Sociétés Magiques, also known as the “Olympics of Magic.”
• The Anti-Conjuror, … Continue reading..

From the Fire to the Frying Pan By: Lori Loesch

November 29, 2014



Dear God,  I’m sorry for not working hard.  Only You know the reason I do not work hard enough to suit David and Chuck.    I’m sorry I let them bother me, get to me.  Only You Know the reason I endured Ed, Cook, Ann, and now David and Chuck.  David is much better.  He’s not as hard on me as he was.  I thank You, God, for helping him to become more calm and realize things that he needed to see.  

I hate living around them.  They are toxic to my well fair.  They are never satisfied with anyone.  I feel that I am the one that must let everything, they say roll off my back.  Why do  I have to live this way?  Why won’t they change?  Why can’t they accept everyone for who they are and how hard or easy they work?  

                                                                                Toxic Living

My brother in law is 50% of the family business.  He doesn’t think anyone works as hard as him.  I don’t work for the family business, so he has absolutely no right to discuss anything I ‘don’t’ do, but he has since the minute I quit work to raise my first born … Continue reading..

I’m Tired By: Lori Loesch

November 27, 2014



I’m tired of trying to be normal.  Tired of trying to do the normal things that normal families do with their kids.  I’m not normal.  I was not raised normal.  I am starting to understand just where I came from.  A horribly, dysfunctional, family upbringing.  


My life is changing.  When my son turned 10 years old, I had a baby.  My life was full, taking care of a baby.  I see the same pattern repeating itself with my daughter turning 10 this past year.  I am in need of something to occupy my time.  I no longer need to care for a toddler.  I am lost.  My daughter spends most of her free time on her lap top.  She doesn’t just play, she learns and draws too.  I remember when my son was growing up, TV was the bad babysitter.  My son and I spent a lot of time with the TV on.  We watched cooking shows and kid shows and documentaries.  I find that with TV, my kids and I were together viewing.  With the lap top, I am not a part of her life and I can’t even try to be.  I just don’t get … Continue reading..

MOMMY THEATRE BLOGGER: Me, My Mouth and I: Show Review by Robin Gorman Newman

November 24, 2014

beharshowME, MY MOUTH AND I – a new solo play written and performed by Joy Behar – is making its world-premiere production at Cherry Lane Theatre (38 Commerce St.),  playing a limited 7-week engagement through December 21.

With more than 30 years on stage and screen, Behar takes her audiences on a journey in ME, MY MOUTH AND I – from her childhood in Williamsburg, Brooklyn to suburban life as a married housewife, to center stage as a talk show host and comedienne.  She speaks with love and amusement about growing up Italian, even though some perceived her as Jewish. 

Best known as one of the original hosts of ABC-TV’s hit daytime talk show THE VIEW, Behar was one of the show’s most popular hosts for 17 years, ending her run earlier this year.  Along with her fellow panelists Barbara Walters, Whoopi Goldberg, Sherri Shepherd and Elizabeth Hasselbeck, Behar won the 2009 Daytime Emmy Award for Outstanding Talk Show Host.  Behar began her stage career in stand-up at such celebrated NY clubs as Caroline’s and Catch a Rising Star, winning three MAC Awards and a CableACE Award.

Behar is a hoot.  A cross between stand-up and personal anecdotes, supported by … Continue reading..

A Hopeful Happy Holiday Season from Jean Marie Keenan-Johnston

November 23, 2014

     The holidays have offered added challenges for me this year.  Everything actually started getting more and more difficult last winter.  It was my first winter when my disability truly challenged by ability to offer my family any kind of holiday experience.  In past years, I had trouble but I was able to somehow rise above it and find some holiday activities I could give my children while skipping the others I couldn’t manage.  But all that changed last winter when I found myself having the toughest time I’d ever experienced during the colder winter months.  I cut down my list of holiday tasks as much as I could…there was no baking cookies, very little crafting with my girls, shopping was done mostly online, and we didn’t go out very often.  Even with cutting back so much, my recovery after Christmas took months.  I was unable to take down the tree until well after Valentine’s Day.  Boxes of decorations sat for weeks waiting to be put away.  Lights hung on my windows for just as long.  As much as I wanted to, I just didn’t have the energy or the pain tolerance to do any better.

This year’s autumn arrival built … Continue reading..