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Depression; There is Hope By: Lori Loesch

August 21, 2014

This depression thing has come to my attention since the suicide of Robin Williams, because of his high profile, depression is getting the attention that it deserves.  

I saw a post from the website, TED talks.  I watched a video of Andrew Solomon.  An intelligent, successful man.  He spoke of how the opposite of depression is not happiness, but vitality.  He opened a door leading down a hallway of depression, that I had never entered.  I feel better educated about depression.  Listening to his talk, changed the way I had viewed depression.  

I didn’t want to know that;  depression is genetic, it is;  That you can be strong and successful for most of your life, weathering the storms that life blows at you, and then along comes depression.  You feel like a dead person walking.  You need medication everyday, and therapy for the rest of your life.  It happens;  That you must work everyday to keep your head above the dark water of depression.  Everyday you need to work to keep your brain from drowning you in your negative thoughts.  

What is it about depression that grips you?  That wraps its boney, long fingers around your neck and chokes the … Continue reading..

THEATRE LOVER MOM: Poor Behavior: Show Review by Robin Gorman Newman

August 18, 2014


poorbehaviorThe New York premiere of Poor Behavior, a new comedy by Theresa Rebeck, is playing a limited engagement through September 7th at Primary Stages at The Duke on 42nd Street.
Evan Cabnet directs the company featuring Heidi Armbruster  (Maureen), Brian Avers (Ian) , Jeff Biehl (Peter) and Katie Kreisler (Ella). 
Bringing to mind plays like Dinner with Friends and Who’s Afraid of Virginia Woolf, two married couples come together in what was intended to be a relaxing weekend at the country home (charming set  by Lauren Helpern) of Ella and Peter.  The play opens with a heated discussion over many bottles of wine between instigator Irishman Ian and Ella, setting the tone for a debate about what is good and bad behavior and the question Rebeck poses: What if you made a mistake, years ago, that has destroyed your life, and will continue to destroy your life? Don’t you owe it to some higher notion of ‘goodness’ to fight for your life?
Why Ella and Peter didn’t ask Ian and Maureen to leave after is cause for question, but then there wouldn’t be a two Act play, which doesn’t truly impact until Act II when Ian delivers a lengthy … Continue reading..

THEATRE LOVER MOM: Phoenix: Show Review by Robin Gorman Newman

August 15, 2014

phoenixBoy meets girl.  Boy and girl have a fling.  Girl gets pregnant and hesitates to tell boy.  Boy steps up to the plate, despite believing he is sterile, and tries to talk girl out of having an abortion.  While somewhat predictable, PHOENIX, by Scott Organ, has some literally “dead on” lines, but largely finds its appeal in the pairing of Emmy Award and Golden Globe nominee Julia Stiles and James Wirt. Wirt has a natural ease and appeal, and Stiles delivers the most when she digs down deep and gets teary-eyed.  Her stiff character, otherwise, despite the flexible yoga poses she demonstrates,  plays a bit one note….frustrating since Stiles is a highly engaging actress. 

Scenic design is by Caite Hevner Kemp, costume design by Amit Gajwani, lighting design (well done) by Rick Carmona, sound design by Janie Bullard, scenic art by Burton Machen.  Directed by Jennifer DeLia, PHOENIX plays a limited engagement through Saturday, August 23. It rus 90 minutes, no intermission.

PHOENIX premiered at the 34th Humana Festival of New American Plays at Actor’s Theatre of Louisville on March 5, 2010, and received its Off-Broadway premiere produced by The Barrow Group Theatre Company … Continue reading..

Insects; Bugs By: Lori Loesch

August 14, 2014

I laid outside, under the stars, listening to the sounds the night time insects make.  They sing a beautiful song!  I adore the sound the Katie Didd makes.  The first time I saw one, I was afraid of it.  I screamed, my mother explained that this bug was the bug that we like to listen to at night.  From that point on, they were my friends.  

I remember having an experience with a Praying Mantis.  I can see clearly in my minds eye as if it were yesterday.  I was sitting on bleachers at the local dirt race track.  It was evening.  The bright, sky scraping lights shone down on the track.  I had on a shirt that was the color and design of a tropical rain forest.  The fabric was rayon.  ( What does that matter to a bug?)  The girl sitting behind me said “there’s a REALLY big bug on you.”  When I turned to see her eyes wide, I knew it was no ordinary bug.   It turned out to be a Praying Mantis.  I had never been so close to one.   I don’t remember how we got it off my shirt.  Perhaps some brave soul shooed it … Continue reading..

A Special Place by Sharon O’Donnell

August 9, 2014

The past few weeks have been hectic but fun.  First, my middle son and I accompanied my oldest son to Charlottesville, VA for an orientation meeting for grad students in  his Masters of Accounting program. I absolutley LOVED traveling with my two oldest sons and reveling in the kind of young men they have become — from their character to their senses of humor.  It was just fun being with them. Charlottesville is wonderful too, and my son will be living within walking distance of campus as well as the downtown pedestrian mall area. He will have a lot of fun there, I know (he will after all be living in an apartment complex on top of a World of Beer taproom). 

Then it was home for the three of us to pack and leave with the rest of the family to travel by car to York Beach, Maine; this is a beautiful beach town on the southern tip of Maine that we have visited regularly ever since my husband’s Great Aunt Kay used to live there (she was a wonderful lady).  The road in front of the cottages along Long Sands Beach is dotted with ice cream stands, just … Continue reading..

Adventures in Attachment Parenting: Opening Our Home and Our Hearts by Allison Silver

August 7, 2014

I looked up at my calendar and could hardly believe that it’s already August. I don’t know about you but it just seems like the summer has flown by. Our summer has been filled with many adventures which have included: the joys and perils of planting and tending a garden in the country, adding a few new hens to our hen house and a rooster (whose name is Leonard), starting an exercise program with Stroller Strides, swimming (lots of swimming), concentrating more on on my Barefoot book buisness, and picking up daddy’s new toy which is a Cessna 140 airplane! Yes, you did read that right an airplane!

And right around the corner our next adventure awaits. As a matter of fact it’s happening on Friday! As a family we have decided to open up our home for the next ten months to a fifteen year old foreign exchange student from Spain. Why would we do such a thing? Well, it really goes hand in hand with why I became a Barefoot Books Ambasador. Besides having wonderful products I love the core values of Barefoot Books which are: Imagine, Explore, Create, Connect, and Give Back.

My husband and I both … Continue reading..

Vacation at Great Wolf Lodge, Pocono Mountains, Pa By: Lori Loesch

August 7, 2014


We had a great vacation at Great Wolf Lodge, in the Pocono Mountains, Pa.  It was a different setting than what our typical summer vacay’s are.  We usually head to the beach.  The beach is hot, the food is fried, there’s sand, and standing in line for, well, everything from a bottle of water to dinner.  

Great Wolf Lodge, on the other side, was fun, happy, cool weather, quiet, relaxing, great food, not fried, nice;  no, great, friendly people that were more than happy to be at work.  I get the feeling when I’m at the beach, or other tourist destinations, that the people are frustrated with waiting on the tourist that haven’t a clue what they want to do.  

I must tell you about the food, fabulous food.  I expected fried chicken nuggets with dried out french fries…I got mussels, shrimp, clams, meatloaf, pork chop with peach glaze, cheese cake, fresh vegetables, an omelet bar, for breakfast, if you choose, and a fresh made pasta bar for dinner.  I felt as though I was at a fancy hotel in the caribbean.  Oh, and a must have, there was a Starbucks in the hotel lobby.  I enjoyed shopping the … Continue reading..

THEATRE LOVER MOM: Sex with Strangers: Show Review by Robin Gorman Newman

August 6, 2014

sexwithstrangersSecond Stage Theatre’s production of  Lauran Eason’s Play, SEX WITH STRANGERS, has been extended one week and will now play through Sunday, August 31st.  The production stars Emmy Award Winner Anna Gunn and Tony Award Nominee Billy Magnussen and is directed by David Schwimmer (Ross of Friends fame).

This is a writer’s play.  Well-written and engaging subject matter offering an insider look at the world of conventional publishing, ebooks, making the bestseller list and the power of social media. Throw in well-developed characters, steamy sex scenes, and enough intrigue, and the audience is in for a wicked ride.

Novelist Olivia knows she has talent, but fears promoting any new literary work due to criticism she has received in the past.  She’s now playing it safe and solitary, both personally and professionally, until buff sex blogger and popular memorist Ethan bursts in one snowy-night to stay at the B&B where she’s been camped out proofing her latest secret manuscript.  In awe of her ability, Ethan tracked her down thanks to a mutual friend, and does his best to both bed her and try to convince her to help support a literary App he’s developing and build her reputation … Continue reading..