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Brother against brother, cousin against cousin? by Jean Marie Keenan-Johnston

November 22, 2015

If anyone else who’s reading this has been experiencing the same things on Facebook as I have, then they’ve seen a flurry of posts, videos and articles shared about what else but the recent events in Paris and its aftermath.  The loss of life, especially so vicious, unexpected and on such a grand scale, is so terribly difficult to wrap one’s head around.  I’ve done my absolute best to keep the news off every screen in this house so that my two very innocent children could avoid catching a glimpse at the situation.  If I couldn’t figure out how this could happen, how “human beings” could have so little regard for human life, then how could a six and seven-year-old possibly understand all of this?

In the days following the attacks, more and more posts came across my newsfeed…debates on Muslims and how they should be treated, people touting all Muslims were radicals, arguments about whether or not refugees should be allowed to enter our country and what state governors were already denying them access.  It seemed like after only moments of prayers shared and grief felt, colors shown on Facebook photos supporting the victims in Paris, not even enough … Continue reading..

Mom Theatre Blogger: On Your Feet: Show Review by Robin Gorman Newman

November 21, 2015

on your feetI’ve long been a fan of Gloria Estefan, for her music, strength and driving spirit.

All of that is well-depicted in the high-energy, funny, heartfelt, and feel good Broadway musical ON YOUR FEET! at the Marquis Theatre.

The musical is directed by two-time Tony Award® winner Jerry Mitchell (Kinky Boots, Hairspray) and choreographed by Olivier Award winner Sergio Trujillo (Jersey Boys, Memphis) with an original book by Academy Award winner Alexander Dinelaris (Birdman, The Bodyguard Musical).

Over the years, Gloria won seven GRAMMY® awards and scored international superstardom, along with her husband her husband, 19-time GRAMMY® winning producer-musician-entrepreneur Emilio Estefan.  They have sold over 100 million records and played packed stadiums throughout the world, acquiring legions of fans.  For the devotees, and others who enjoy a lively night at theatre, this show hits its mark.

We meet a young Gloria and learn of her devotion to her family, with a particularly close relationship to her sister and grandmother whose support and wisdom she holds dear.  We see her as a shy teenager who ultimately finds her stage presence, musical path and the love of her life, as they connect as young artists and create a life that no doubt has … Continue reading..

How Facebook robbed me of my past…! by Pamela Francis

November 18, 2015

Social media has done what a good publicist would get paid to: make us all look good – better than we are. Make our lives look more glamorous. Cheat the tiny dive in the strip mall to appear as though it were the most velvet-ropest joint of all velvet-roped joints – and look! They let us in! But for moms like me who started out the motherhood gate late, our todays with their Skyzone/Chuck E. Cheese/Chick Fil A constant rotation sometimes don’t seem to hold a candle to our glorious yesterdays.

When I was in eleventh grade Bruce Springsteen had a song out that I loved to death: Glory Days. I used to listen to it every day in the earphones of my walkman on the way to summer school in 1984. New York’s WPLJ and Z100 radio stations played the hell out of it and I was not complaining. Because in addition to those rousing stadium-like melodies and the relentless airplay, the song truly had something going for it: a story. A story full of pathos as the Boss regales us with tales of friends and cohorts whose days of pitching fast balls and pulling dudes are behind them … Continue reading..

Family Weekend Away – Woodloch Resort by Robin Gorman Newman

November 17, 2015

woodlochlogoI have long wanted to visit this resort — having heard great things over the years — and we had the opportunity this past weekend to vacation there.  It did not disappoint!  There is a reason…or many reasons…. Woodloch in Hawley, PA, has been in business since 1958 and that countless people vacation there regularly.

Woodloch Pines Lobby

Woodloch Pines Lobby

Owned by the Kiesendahl family, it has a warmth and energy that is immediately welcoming.   We stayed at the woodsy family resort….Woodloch Pines, but there is also Woodloch Lodge — an award-winning, luxury destination spa, and Woodloch Springs — a golf course/country club and residential community.  Woodloch also offers time shares.

To get from one property to the next, should you decide to venture around, you can either drive or take one of the frequent shuttles conveniently provided by Woodloch.  Most of our time was spent at Woodloch Pines, itself, where we stayed, though I did experience the elegant Woodloch Lodge and would have welcomed more time there.  Since it’s adults-only, as many walk around in robes, we weren’t able to stay this trip, but I’d love a gals weekend away.  You could easily spend a pampering, relaxing, full day, if you … Continue reading..

Mom Theatre Blogger: WHITE: Show Review by Jo Mispel

November 16, 2015

whitenewvicTwo characters live in a bleached monochromatic world. One day color appears. This is the basic premise of ‘White’, an award winning show for 2 – 5 year olds now playing at the The New Victory Theater. I suspected it was going to be cute, maybe adorable. And it was. As was the audience of little people, all wide eyed and enthralled.

Creator Andy Manley was prompted to imagine White while admiring a tasteful alabaster interior displayed in a home style magazine. If one inhabited that pristine world what would one do? What would the introduction of color do? Running with that idea he has created, with Catherine Wheels Theatre Company, a beautiful and immersive play. Almost a tone poem or a kid’s cartoon. There is dialogue but not much. Hardly necessary with the two expressive characters Cotton and Wrinkle and a suggestive sound composition by Danny Krass. The all white set leaks into the new 42nd Street Studio seating space, embracing us in the calm and comforting environs that is Cotton and Wrinkle’s world. Shona Reppe the designer has done a gorgeous job creating a milky whimsical space, full of textures and shapes. We first meet Manley, who plays … Continue reading..

It Is What I Say It Is By Maureen Eich VanWalleghan

November 15, 2015

Of late (really the past few years) my life continues to be in transition. Please make the blender stop…

I have been thinking about where my energy goes when everything is chaotic.

The first incarnation of our goal of moving onto property and living in our fifth wheel trailer proved less than hospitable to family life. With Kevin on the road for work, it was me—left with managing everything. First, a generator that worked intermittently and then finally not at all, which meant no electricity. Then the well pump was flooded on the property, which meant no running water. And finally the sewer tank was full with no way to empty it, which meant a walk outside to a bathroom. So to clarify there were no showers at home; laundry was done at a laundry mat; washing dishes involved boiling water; there was no heat for the month of October; and a chamber pot became our friend.

“The best laid plans of mice and men…” So as to not over dramatize the situation—only for short periods were all systems down all at once. But I must say that never in the two months did all systems work at the same … Continue reading..

These are the wars that moms wage by Pamela Francis

November 11, 2015

No, “hell” and “damn” are not okay;
not for a kid your age.
Youtube has got you expressing that way.
These are the wars that moms wage.

Hitting your brother is never okay.
Practice controlling your rage.
GTA’s got you reacting this way.
These are the wars that moms wage.

2am bedtimes are not okay.
Open your book, find the page.
Go ‘head now, put that darn Samsung away.
These are the wars that moms wage.

Shipping and handling is extra, ok?
Why don’t you just choose the beige?
Can’t get the Jordans until your birthday.
These are the wars that moms wage.

Getting a hamster was your bright idea.
Go clean that mess in its cage.
Oh, you don’t want it now? That’s what I thought.
These are the wars that moms wage.

XBOX 360s do not grow on trees.

Daddy makes minimum wage.

No kid can have everything that he sees.

These are the wars that moms wage.… Continue reading..

Mom Entertainment Blogger: When Harry Met Seinfeld Tour: by Robin Gorman Newman

November 10, 2015

onlocationtoursOn Location Tours, a leading TV and movie tour company, recently launched the When Harry Met Seinfeld Tour, and we were invited on as guests.

The two-hour bus tour offers a look at TV & movie locations above Times Square, beginning north of Times Square, heading through the Upper West and Upper East Sides, with some scenic views of Central Park.

The When Harry Met Seinfeld Tour is inspired by such shows as Seinfeld and romantic comedies including When Harry Met Sally and You’ve Got Mail.  Locations from recent films and shows like Trainwreck, Pitch.Perfect, The Amazing Spider-Man, Gossip Girl and The Other Guys are included.   And, three stops are made along the way where you can exit for a photo opportunity and a snack.

Spiderman clip shown on the bus.

Spider-Man clip shown on the bus.

All tours are led by local actors and actresses who share insider information and behind-the-scenes stories. The tour highlights over 40 sites from over 50 TV shows and movies that filmed in these neighborhoods.

We enjoyed.  The bus was comfortable (even featured a bathroom), and it was a full house with tourists from all over. It was fun to be in their company and to see the cameras clicking … Continue reading..