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Adventures in Attachment Parenting: I’m sick of ……….Two! By Allison Silver

April 24, 2014

When our daughter turned two people told me how challenging two year old’s can be and welcomed me to the “terrible two’s.” For the past six months, I haven’t seen any real difference in her overall behavior. Yes there have been some trying moments and challenging times but nothing too different or extreme. This week our daughter is turning two and a half and in the past week the two year old behavior that people warned me about has started to show it’s ugly face in our house.

Now for the record her behavior isn’t terrible by any means but oh honey is it trying! I have begun to refer to this year as the trying two’s. She is trying to communicate and I am trying to be patient. She is trying to assert herself and I am trying to be understanding. She is trying to push back and I’m TRYING! Let me tell you, I am trying but being patient and understanding is so hard some days.

Her latest phrase is, “I don’t want to.” (You know you are saying it in your head right now in your best two year old voice.) It has become the catch phrase … Continue reading..

Moving with a Toddler, 7 Years Later… By: Lori Loesch

April 24, 2014

Hello once again audience! To coin a phrase from one of Faith’s UTUBE account people, that play MineCraft.  Do I have an audience? I hope so. I know that time constraints keep me from posting to my fellow Bloggers. So, I hope I’m not writing in vain. The experience is what I’m going for!

                                                                                               I felt displaced for 7 years:

I lived at my other address for more than 20 years. My husband’s grandfather built the small farm house in 1905. There was so much history and I love history.  Everything had a place and was in that place. Not so much at my new house! I loved my other house. There were things I wanted to change, but it was my place. I identified with it, and it with me. 

There was a large flower garden in front of our house, and a crossroads, a 4 way stop sign. Traffic would be … Continue reading..

Searching for the Better Me by Melissa Swedoski

April 22, 2014

Motherhood Later Than Sooner - Searching for the Better Me by Melissa Swedoski

A funny thing happened to me recently – I learned to let go of some of the baggage I’ve been carrying around for years. And when I say years, I mean almost two decades. You’d think at the ripe old age of 44 that I would have transitioned out of it already, but alas and alack, I was still taking my American Tourister size regrets around. As though carrying two toddlers wasn’t enough.

When I met my husband, I had just come out of a long relationship that was not in the least bit healthy for me, emotionally or physically. I had given away too much of my time and my heart and soul before realizing that it had been time almost wasted. It’s true that we learn things from every experience in our lives, but in some ways the things that I had learned were not positive ones. They were things that only made me dislike myself even more.

Much to my surprise, when I finally found the true love of my life, the one who would fill all the dark spaces that even I wasn’t sure would or could ever be filled, it turned out he was younger … Continue reading..

Political Correctness to the Nth Degree by Vicky Dal Molin

April 22, 2014

Easter weekend just passed us by and it made me so much more aware than usual of the differences between life here in the USA and back home in Australia. While I was listening to family and friends recount how they were spending their extra long weekend (4 days off at Easter there) to the big family lunch that was being prepared I reflected on how I was still sitting at my desk Friday working, how Saturday and Sunday came and went without any big Easter get together and how Monday morning it was back in the office at my desk.

I spent a lot of the time I was driving to and from work/errands/dropping kids off/picking kids up about how I didn’t really like that fact. And short of flying to Australia every single time there’s some family event (unfortunately not an option) I am running low on ideas on how to build that similar home life here. Maybe it involves finding other families with a like minded approach, or maybe it’s a much slower process of slowly building those traditions by just sucking it up, giving up more sleep and starting to prepare holiday events.

I guess one … Continue reading..

Common Core Versus Common Sense by Sharon O’Donnell

April 19, 2014

As the mom of three sons — one a college graduate and headed for grad school at the University of Virginia, one at sophomore at North Carolina State, and one a 7th grader — I have been around the block a few times when it comes to our educational system. Unfortunately, I have been able to tell a HUGE difference in how well our public education system prepared by older two sons for their futures and how that same system is now preparing my youngest son.  Instead of studying a topic for a week or two and attempting to master that topic followed by a unit test, current students are now given mandated Benchmark tests that cover little of this and a little of that. Teachers have tons of written objectives they have to cover and when they need to cover them; their classroom is really not their own. When my older two sons were in middle school, they learned how to take notes, read chapters and highlight them, and study for big tests that covered major topics.  My youngest son has unit tests in math, but in addition to those, he also has benchmarks (that cover several topics) and … Continue reading..

Cool Kid Stuff and More by Robin Gorman Newman

April 18, 2014

police carsIf your child is anything like my son who adores anything police, fire or emergency vehicle related, then this book is up his or her alley.

Police cars are a unique breed, and their restoration can be much more difficult than other marques. Find out how to tackle this project the right way with help from Jim Post, founder of Police Car Owners of America, and Ed Sanow, author of many well-known publications on police cars. POLICE CARS provides insight into the cars, the emergency equipment, and the police heritage itself. Reveals a complete a ground-up restoration, from choosing the right car to locating all the equipment you will need, to showing the finished project. 160 pages; 400 illustrations; soft cover

Publisher: Enthusiast Books (June 17, 2001)





Avon’s Naturals Kids Rio 2 collection, developed to coincide with the Rio 2 movie, colorfully are decorated with the vivacious and memorable Amazonian animal characters from Rio 2, Blu, Jewel, Gabi, Pedro, Nico, Luiz and Rafael.  This limited edition collection includes deliciously scented hair and body care items designed specifically for kids ages 3 and up. With gentle formulas for young, sensitive skin, the fun and irresistible collection Continue reading..

The Good ‘Ole Fitness Times: By Vicky Dal Molin

April 17, 2014

I’m late this week with my post. I’m never late on deadlines. It’s Thursday and I’ve literally had to stop everything I’m doing to write my post. If you know me I rarely ever missed meeting a commitment I’ve made. As I’m driving to work this morning I listed out all my excuses. I’ve been ill, I’ve been injured, I’ve had too much going on at work/home/with kids/sports/cooking/cleaning.

So what! Don’t most mothers go through the same thing every day. And they get it done.

So what went off the rails this week? Excuses aside. Time…. There just wasn’t enough of it and instead of staying up that little bit longer, sucking it up a little more the days leading up to my deadline, I gave in to sleep and other activities vying for my attention. Why do we put so much pressure on ourselves and then beat ourselves up if we meet a deadline or a commitment or have to cancel something last minute? And of course despite being completely inundated right now with increasing workload, increasing home demands we just take on more.

This week it’s starting a Get Fit competition at work that I added to the … Continue reading..

GUEST BLOG POST & BOOK GIVEAWAY: Travel: The Best Education…for Moms by Jennifer Coburn, author, We’ll Always Have Paris

April 13, 2014

I thought I would take my daughter Katie overseas and teach her about the world. Instead, over the course of a decade, visiting 12 European cities, she taught me about life.

On our second day in Paris, then-eight-year-old Katie and I went to a café near the Eiffel Tower where babies were not welcome, but dogs were fine. A waiter brought Katie a hamburger that was like nothing she’d ever seen at In ‘N Out. On top of the meat patty was a sunny-side-up egg. I was a bit nervous because absolutely everything she had experienced in the last two days was different. Now, even the familiar hamburger was weird in France. But Katie looked at the burger, shrugged and said “I guess you get breakfast with your lunch in Paris.”

Later during that trip, Katie and I had the unique … um, opportunity to sleep at the Shakespeare and Company bookstore on the Left Bank. The bookstore graciously opens its doors to “Tumbleweeds,” broke young travelers, who can sleep on cots in the store in exchange for a few hours of work during the day.

At Katie’s request (begging), the store let is sleep in its Writer’s Studio, where … Continue reading..