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Let’s Watch One More by Sharon O’Donnell

January 25, 2015

My two oldest sons and I LOVE to watch suspenseful TV series. “24” got us started back when they were in high school and middle school, and watching that weekly show together was really good bonding time.  But the best part was catching up if we started a series later than everyone else did. This happened with the first season of 24, and it was great fun watching episode after episode trying to get caught up before season two started. It was addictive watching the exploits of Jack Bauer, and I will never forget how we’d promise that we’d only watch one more episode, and then when that one would end on a cliffhanger, we’d look at each other and say together, “Let’s watch one more.”  It is a wonderful way to relax for me.  “Breaking Bad” was another series we really got into (I’d gotten them into 24 and they got me into Breaking Bad).  Then my oldest and I got hooked by the first season of Homeland.

Now that both of them are in college or grad school, we don’t get the chance to watch much TV together anymore, and my youngest prefers comedies to suspense.  So I … Continue reading..

One Foot on a Banana Peel, The Other On The Gas Pedal By: Lori j Loesch

January 22, 2015


I feel like I’ve got one foot on a banana peel, to retirement, and the other on the gas pedal of a race car.  Being an older mom, has it’s ups and downs.  As I get older, age has a way of sliding into my life and changing everything.  I don’t do anything as fast as I did when I was in my thirties.  There are physical challenges that have changed me.  I don’t feel like the happy person that I used to be.  I really think that the physical pain, and my vision difficulty have a lot to do with it.  When everything I do is somewhat of a challenge, or at least harder to do than it used to be, I get grumpy.  Late afternoon and evenings are difficult especially when I spend the day running errands and lifting heavy loads of groceries.  I want to turn in earlier than my daughter.  

My daughter is doing well in her new charter school.  She is happy and I see her smile a lot more.  She usually isn’t ready to leave when I arrive to pick her up.  She has found kids, her age, that know exactly what she’s … Continue reading..

Charter vs. Public School By: Lori j Loesch

January 16, 2015


Wow, have things changed, in a relatively short time.  Change for the better.  The house is calmer and quieter.  I took my 5th grade daughter to a Charter School.  It’s the same Charter School that her brother went to ten years ago.  There are eleven years between my kids.  Same parents, and both were planned!  

I just can’t believe the difference in me since switching to a Charter School.  This charter school is unconventional, just like we are.  I don’t discipline like some parents.  I never gave my kids time out or consequences.  My kids never did anything really naughty.   I pick battles, and usually don’t need to go to battle with my kids. I am with my kids a lot, and I have always talked with my kids, that was all I needed to do. 

I love to learn, and teach.  However school has always been a place that makes me anxious.  There are so many rules that kids and parents must follow.  For my daughter, it made her upset that she would get a fine because I didn’t sign her homework paper, or if she doesn’t understand her homework, she’ll get a fine, if she doesn’t finish … Continue reading..

Total Feel Goods for Gals from Bottom to Top by Robin Gorman Newman

January 15, 2015

slimsationIntroducing SlimSation, the hybrid pant that combines comfort, trend and function all in one. Ideal for the newly pregnant woman or those who are post pregnancy, SlimSation contours the waist, slims the lower tummy and shapes the hips in various silhouettes and sizes ranging from 2-24W.

As a new product launched by parent company Multiples, the unique design revamps the traditional pant or jean. Designed by John Bourgeois, SlimSation fills the void for the comfy yet trendy pant in the women’s wear market and provides a staple wardrobe piece at an affordable price.

Using a resilient fabric with great stretch and wash/wear, SlimSation allows for a comfortable “go-to” pant that can be worn from day to night. 

I had the opportunity to sample a pair, and they live up to the description.  It gives you a gentle hold, and is comfortable for all day wear and easy to get on ‘n off.  It’s a nice alternative to leggings, and a step up from jeans.  Check them out at https://slimsation.com/.



Silver Ball Necklace

With full-time jobs and a combined 9 children between them, Pearl & Clasp co-founders and neighbors Tara and Sari saw firsthand that women need to look stylish,

Continue reading..

MOM SHOW BLOGGER: Savion Glover Makes Special Appearance at American Museum of Natural History by Robin Gorman Newman

January 12, 2015

savionlargemuseum photo The American Museum of Natural History celebrated its 36th annual Kwanzaa celebration on Saturday, December 27, at Milstein Hall of Ocean life and Kaufmann Theater. The event celebrates the rich traditions of Kwanzaa and honors the holiday’s seven guiding principles.

savion-glover-and-the-otherz-courtesy-of-savion-glover-productions-2009-2Tony Award-winning tap virtuoso Savion Glover, of The Tap Dance Kid (Broadway show fame), made his Museum debut as he brought in ‘da noise and ‘da funk with an original composition choreographed for this stirring event.  I’ve long been a fan of his, and to witness his “feet feat” was quite a thrill.  He tells a story through tap, and gets so swept up in performance, that you can’t take your eyes off him or get enough.  What a unique talent!  I had the opportunity to ask him a question, during a talk back with the audience, about his intent to return to Broadway one day, and he said he’d love to….so here’s hoping!

savionperformersphotosaviontalkbackphotoSavion Glover’s Funky Kwanzaa Celebration, was performed by dynamic, talented dancers, accompanied by live musicians.  Also featured during the celebration was master drummer Sanga of the Valley, the Eagle Academy for Young Men of Harlem, and a special screening of the film They Are We, introduced … Continue reading..

Mom Theatre Blogger: A Visit to Radio City Music Hall Behind-the-Scenes Stage Door Tour by Robin Gorman Newman

January 11, 2015


RCrt.tiffif you’re a show lover like me, and a proud New Yorker, a trip to see a show at the famed Radio City Musical Hall is a must do, and to have an opportunity to get a behind-the-scenes insider look at the venue is a real treat.

My son and I took the Behind-the-Scenes Stage Door Tour, and it did not disappoint.

The behind-the-scenes tour allows guests to experience the iconic venue from a unique vantage point, where many of the world’s greatest entertainers have graced the Great Stage and delighted audiences for more than 80 years. 

Radio City Music Hall FoyerThe Radio City Stage Door Tour is a one-hour walking tour, led by trained tour guides. Guests explore the beautiful art-deco interior, learn the secrets and history of the Great Stage, one of the largest indoor performance stages in the world frequented by celebrities, politicians and dignitaries over the years, and walk-through the lavish private apartment of “Roxy” Rothafel, known as The Roxy Suite.  Visitors meet one of the Rockettes, the stars of the Radio City Christmas Spectacular, and you can get your photo taken with her.  We also got to watch a short film and take a peak at the Radio Continue reading..

Back to the Routine by Sharon O’Donnell

January 10, 2015

So after the holidays, it’s back to the routine of regular life. Not as exciting but comforting in a strange sort of way: time to pick back up where we left off when our thoughts were focused on gift wrapping, baking, and trying to get to Christmas Eve church services (or other religious services) in time to find a seat.  My oldest two sons were both home from college, and I loved  having all three of my boys at home at one time again, as realize that will soon be a very rare occurrence.  My oldest son will finish grad school in May, studies for the CPA exam in the summer, and starts an accounting job in September for Deloitte right here in the local area of Raleigh. I’m so glad he will be local, but I know that he will be getting his own apartment and likely won’t be back home again for an extended time. 

Now that the oldest are both back in college, the house is so much quieter with just my 14-year-old here. I miss them. Yet, I know 2015 won’t wait, and it’s time to take the plunge into the year with full force and … Continue reading..

MOM THEATRE BLOGGER: Cirque Ziva: Family Show Review by Robin Gorman Newman

January 7, 2015

New York’s premier theater for kids and families recently presented CIRQUE ZÍVA at The New Victory Theater in NYC.   My son and I had the opportunity to check it out during school break, and it was really impressive and a stunning spectacle.

From Hebei Province, China, the Drama Desk-nominated Golden Dragon Acrobats (New Vic 2005) represent the best of Chinese circus featuring ensemble performances like acrobatic hoop diving and the whizzing diabolo and awe-inspiring solo acts of unparalleled precision. An acrobat of incomparable strength winked at balcony patrons as his chair stack teeters over 30 feet high. A gifted contortionist balanced over 60 wine glasses while her body bent impossibly backwards.

The newest show from producer and artistic director Danny Chang, CIRQUE ZÍVA is a fast-paced, technically innovative celebration of an art form steeped in 2,000 years of tradition. The large cast and spectacular set design illustrate Chang’s signature artistry, high production values and solid commitment to cultural exchange. Since 1985, the Golden Dragon Acrobats remain the only Chinese acrobatic company touring year-round in the United States, presenting over 200 performances at hundreds of venues across the country each year. Its members are athletes, actors and artists who have studied … Continue reading..