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A Day Without Faith By: Lori Loesch

July 24, 2014

My daughter Faith Ana, had the opportunity to spend the entire day with her best friend, at an amusement park.  These girls have been together since pre school.  They seem to know what the other is feeling.  They truly care about each other.  

The awesome, super parents spent eleven, or more hours, traveling, waiting in line, riding, swimming, searching for “that” game, playing, and a whole lot more!  Word is, that the girls got alone marvelously, with no arguing.  

It was an opportunity for me, as well.  Not for the reason you might think.  I missed my daughter, Faith.  We’re together quite a lot and that’s the way I like it.  I think she feels the same.  We have fun together, even if it’s just shopping for groceries.  We laugh and joke and talk.  

The dog, Max our German Shepherd, was out of sorts all day.  Especially when evening came and Faith still wasn’t home.  He was begging for biscuits, and wanted outside, then not.  I felt the same way all day.  By 10:00pm, I was in my element.  I sat down and watched a funny movie, with my husband.  It was a very nice few hours.  Then, even before … Continue reading..

Parenthood + Fibromyalgia + Diet = A GREAT BIG MESSY CHALLENGE! by Jean Marie Keenan-Johnston

July 20, 2014

As I sit here typing away, I have in front of me the second of two pieces from the family-size chocolate chip cookie that we ordered from Papa John’s tonight.  I’ve been dreadfully sick all day, a combination of fibromyalgia flare, migraine, and whatever virus I have going on that’s making my chest painfully tight and my throat swollen, so I’ve been confined to the couch all day in and out of consciousness.  It’s been a rough, painful, exhausting day where I’ve been more asleep than awake, and after a tough day on his own with the kids, Hubby decided we needed to order pizza.  Despite my attempts to stop ordering out so much (the only way we could find to feed everybody dinner on the nights I’m unable to be on my feet long enough to cook thanks to fibromyalgia) because of the financial issues that are coming at us full force from the chronic health issues we’re both dealing with and my disability these past seven years, my response was, “You get NO argument from me.”  I’ve tried to be very dedicated to reducing our spending and increasing my attempts at saving as year after year we have … Continue reading..

FEAR: It Stops Me In My Path By Lori Loesch

July 17, 2014



Fear is an emotion, an unpleasant one, caused by the belief that someone/thing, is dangerous.  Fear causes pain and a change in the brain and organs.  

That is a powerful description.  Fear can stop me in my path of getting things accomplished.  Fear has kept me from who I truly am.   I was always afraid.  Afraid of, mostly making a mistake, and the fear of not pleasing those that be.  It has taken me all these years to LEARN, another way.  A way to live and not be afraid.   I felt, growing up that, I was always being critiqued by everyone around me.  From small things, like,  ”you missed a belt loop”, to “You should not have said that!”  Comments like those, all day long, really kept me down.  Which is right where ‘they’ wanted me to be.  ’They’, were, the powers that be.  The powers that ruled my life.

I guess I felt like a piece of cardboard, going through my childhood and high school, and pretty much until, I met my husband.  He got me away from ‘them’.  Thank God.  I was along;  but no one noticed me, or payed attention to me.  Not the good … Continue reading..

Later Mom Rachel Weinstein Creates Operation Backpack to Aide Homeless Children in NYC

July 14, 2014





Public Drive to Collect Backpacks and School Supplies Kicks Off

 July 14th and Continues Through August 8th

Volunteers of America-Greater New York (VOA-GNY) will launch OPERATION BACKPACK® 2014, its annual campaign to collect brand new backpacks and school supplies for the thousands of children living in New York City homeless and domestic violence shelters. The drive begins on Monday, July 14th and continues through August 8th. VOA-GNY is one of many VOA affiliates nationwide that conduct OPERATION BACKPACK® drives to outfit homeless students with new backpacks filled with grade-specific school supplies.   www.OperationBackpackNYC.org

A filled backpack relieves parents of a financial burden and provides a sense of normalcy to the otherwise chaotic lives of these children, helping them look and feel more like their classmates. Most importantly, a filled backpack allows these children to start the school year feeling prepared and confident, with the knowledge that their education is important and that someone believes in them.

In a continuing partnership with VOA-GNY, every Duane Reade location in the five boroughs will accept donations of new backpacks and school supplies from the … Continue reading..

When Did I Turn Into My Grandmother? by Jean Marie Keenan-Johnston

July 13, 2014

This thought has come to mind often in recent weeks.  I keep catching myself saying or thinking things that sound just like the opinions and reactions of my grandmother, or even my mother’s comments at time during my childhood, things I told myself growing up I’d never be heard saying, things I thought were too old-fashioned for me to ever repeat. It’s not a surprise to hear myself sounding like them in some ways.  It’s certainly not a new experience to hear myself say things my parents used to say to us kids.  My daughters are four and six, and I can’t count how many times I have shared criticisms, redirections, and explanations while being disciplined that match almost word for word the dialogue I heard from my parents the many times they had to discipline me (or my brother and sister). I can’t count how many times it’s happened because I’m sure it’s happened a lot during their short lives as my children!  I gave up counting when I realized it was happening a lot more than I ever expected!  Even after promising myself during my entire adolescence I wouldn’t be caught dead mimicking those lines, it was bound … Continue reading..

Shy or Rude? by Sharon O’Donnell

July 12, 2014

The other day I was at the mall with my 13-year-old son trying to find him some sunglasses to take to Scout camp. As we were standing there looking at sunglasses at a kiosk in the middle of the mall, I heard a female voice call out to my son, “Hey, Jason.” I turned to see two attractive girls on our right, but they were still standing about 20 feet away from us.
“Hey, Jason,” one of them said again, waving. I looked at Jason, who seemed to be doing his best to ignore the girls. He hadn’t even turned to acknowledge them yet.

I smiled at the girls and said, “Jason, they’re talking to you.” Jason had that deer in the headlights look, and he stayed focused on the sunglasses in his hand, not turning toward the girls at all. The girls were still standing there, pausing in their stroll down the mall. I smiled at them, embarrassed, and smiled and said as friendly as I could, “Hi!” I then motioned toward Jason and shrugged my shoulders and shook my head as if to say ‘what I can I do with him?’ They smiled and continued walking.

I was … Continue reading..

KID STUFF: Cool Finds by Robin Gorman Newman

July 11, 2014

dogherobookFrom Lassie to Old Yeller to Rin Tin Tin to Marley, dogs have stolen our attention and our hearts. In real life, our own pets are more than just canine companions; they are members of our family. And for some, they are heroes and brave servants. In Man’s Best Hero, prolific author (and lifelong dog lover) Ace Collins provides a collection of short, dramatic stories about dogs that have gone the extra mile. Though not trained to perform heroic acts, circumstances and the remarkable bond between the dog and its owner led these animals to perform amazing feats that defy logic. Whether it is saving a drowning man, jumping in front of a truck to push a toddler to the curb, or tearing the burning clothes off a child’s back, the actions presented in these stories display courage, loyalty, intelligence, and other admirable qualities of life and faith. These compelling portraits, told first in the words of the dog and then through exciting narrative that recounts the dog’s actions, will touch reader’s hearts and will leave them with a greater appreciation for their furry friends.

My son is a HUGE dog lover, and this book is so inspiring and … Continue reading..

GUEST BLOG POST: Babies, Babies Everywhere by Linda Beeso Rosendale

July 4, 2014

lindabloggerI was 40 when my first child was born. We had lived in Virginia for a few years; my husband was active-duty military and was deployed for most of the pregnancy and when our son was born. He was trying to get back home, after finding out he’d be granted leave. In the meantime, I was at a military hospital, with a close family friend and my doula (a birthing coach and in this case, she became a good friend); and a doctor I couldn’t stand. He asked me, didn’t I know I was “too old to have babies”. And when he found out I’d had in-vitro fertilization done, he REALLY blew up. I was a little too shy and withdrawn to talk back to him then—not so later on.

I did everything right during my pregnancy; limited caffeine use—a big deal for a caffeine-addicted woman, eating right, taking my prenatal vitamins. I’d even decided to go through a completely drug free birth. Yep! That’s right, no pain medications whatsoever. I lasted through 13 hours of Pitocin-induced labor—my baby’s heartbeat was irregular and I was at 41 ½ weeks. After that time, I had them give me an epidural because … Continue reading..